Dom Kennedy - blowin up?

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There haven't been that many artists in last five years that appealed to me but in the last year there's been some really nice stuff like Currency's last lp (and a lot of the stuff from Dame Dash's label), a few tracks with Wiz Khalifa and especially Dom Kennedy.

I don't really follow the big blogs, is Dom finally getting some recognition? I really like the new video he released today (best track on the last full-length). What's the strut verdict?


  • 'From The Westside With Love' is one of my favourite (and definitely my most listened to) rap records of the last few years. I hope he does blow up.

  • Warninmg: Thread Skyjack (kinda related)
    My lil Bro Chris Martin is working hard right now and I would like you guys to check him out. He's from Inglewood and I'm working 100% for his project because he's a tight individual and can rap circles around a lot of these neighborhood kids.

    Re recorded these in August and our new songs are even better. He's really grown as an emcee over the months so check for dude.

    Some of yall have seen this but for those who haven', we'd love to get feedback. Thanks.

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