Favorite jailbroken iPhone apps

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Hey, 'Strut, help me do my job!

I've been tasked to write about jailbroken iPhone apps, but as a BlackBerry user, I know fuck-all about these things. So, help a Strutter out here and give me some names! The more business-oriented the apps are the better--things like the ones in this slideshow would be ideal.

Thanks! Gracias! Danke! Merci!


  • DocMcCoyDocMcCoy "Go and laugh in your own country!" 5,921 Posts
    As an iPhone refusenik myself, I'm as clueless as you. But a friend swears that this site is the perfect resource for jailbroken iPhone apps. If I hear of anything more specific, I'll add on.

  • billbradleybillbradley You want BBQ sauce? Get the fuck out of my house. 2,860 Posts
    Installous - app to download pirated versions of just about every iphone app available.
    SBSettings - quick toggle settings like Bluetooth, 3G, WiFi, Brightness, and more
    Find in Page - allows you to do search within the web page you???re visiting. highlights found words yellow.
    Memtool - memory management tool that allows you to force apps to close and clear up available memory

    I jailbroke my 3G for a while but didn't really see the point after a while. I wasn't really getting any extra functionality that I needed.

  • mannybolonemannybolone Los Angeles, CA 15,032 Posts
    mywi - iphone tethering = a must.
    wifi sync is also great since it allows you to sync your phone without the USB cord

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    Awesome--thanks for the recommendations, everybody. As it turns out, one of our freelancers is friends with Saurik himself, so I'm hoping he can link me up with some of the developers whose work appears on the Cydia site.
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