When America was funky.

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SMH at the current state of TV theme writing in America. Thanks for the great childhood - go usa.

and so many more.


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  • day said:

    How could i forget!

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    4YearGraduate said:


    For real, though, I actually find myself harkening back to the earnestness of some of those TV themes. I know this one's well-loved round both these and my native parts, though completely unfunky (listen through ??? it's the full version with all of the mostly never-before-heard verses):

    And this just one makes me want to thumb my way to parts unknown:

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    That Barney Miller intro is the Business.

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    How could i forget!

    Damn, Thes! Do you have that beat in mp3 form? Or just this live clip? It's dooooope!


    Lydia Cornell = GOOD LORD!!!

    Also, why didn't Jm J get billing on the credits?? Also also, we used to use "Jm J" in place of "ghey" back in the day. I think I'm gonna bring that back.

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    DB_Cooper said:

    What Wu affiliate sampled this again??

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    Herm said:
    DB_Cooper said:

    What Wu affiliate sampled this again??


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    Jspr said:
    4YearGraduate said:

    I almost bought the DVD of the complete first season at the supermarket last week but was afraid it would be too weird to revisit.
    Justine Bateman... Use to conjure up that ;blap: 'in feeling when I was young.

    Bob James killed that one.

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    The theme from that Barney Miller spin-off Fish was pretty funky too. Can't find a clip of the opening titles on YouTube, or anywhere else, for that matter.

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    Great thread.

    Surprisingly New Zealand was broadcasting alot of these shows BITD. I grewup on these series', most of thoselisted were favorites, considering we were on the other sideof the planet this is pretty fucking amazing.

    A few favorites:

  • Oh yeah

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  • God damn i forgot about One Day at a Time.

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    Snagglepus said:

    I remember being a shorty and laughing my ass off when Quincy would pull back the sheet and the cops would faint & get sick.
    BTW, I have a college jazz record that coverd the Barney Miller theme and they killed it. It started with a drum braek. I can't remember what college it was. If I get a chance to pull it out I'll post it.

  • Plaese to post!

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    Gets a lil ridackulous in the middle, but still good:


    Less obvious:

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    Tons on this vid are good, but 2:59 "Police Story" end music kills it:

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    Probably too obvious to mention (yet I'm still surprised it wasn't mentioned) ...

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    Dude... Jokers Wild Theme!!

  • RAJRAJ tenacious local 7,780 Posts
    Tic Tac Dough, Bitches

  • YES

  • 4YearGraduate said:
    As double K elegantly pointed out tonight, Alice Season 3 was the actual real shit


    OG Barak

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    I'm about to go waaaay back.

    That synth was killing it.

    I used to catch re-runs of this as a likkle yoot. What's up with no Three's Company love on youtube tho?

    Donny Hathaway FTW

    This shit could never, everever exist nowadays. It probably shouldn't have in the first place.

    Ahead of it's time.

  • so good ... most of these little themes were played by the usual suspects

    probably Carol Kaye and John Guerin were involved most of the times...

    this was british

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    For some reason I always wanted to punch that little fat neighbor kid in the mouth.


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