Hot Chocolate Co Co Cleveland Sleeve/ Pressing Question

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Recently picked up a copy of this Lou Ragland lp on Co Co Cleveland and the cover appears to be one piece of cardboard and taped on the top and bottom seam. Was this record originally issued like this? On further research and examination of past sales on Popsike all copies seem to have this tape.
Anyone else got an original to confirm or deny this? Didnt Dee Rock floss one in his Youtube video? While Im on this subject the only other record Ive got like this is lp Olympiade lp by Santucci and Scoppa on Italian Sound Workshop. Is it common for library records to have this type of cover are they boots ? All knowledge dropped appreciated


  • That's how they come, taped top and bottom. Good Pull!

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    LoopDreams said:
    That's how they come, taped top and bottom. Good Pull!

    Yup they were drawn by a cartoonist for our local Paper here in Cleveland (forgot dudes name) and hand taped together... this has a hard pull before but now it is extra extra other words if you like the record keep your copy.

  • nice pull indeed. where'd you find it?

  • Ill keep schtum on that one. Thanks for the information guys really appreciate it.
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