Madlib + J Rocc shows...

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I was wondering how their shows are like... DJ sets only or some mic action too?
They will be touring Europe soon and want to know what to expect.


  • i saw j rocc and madlib in philadelphia at a small nightclub once. it was just dj sets outta both of them. it was awesome though, i had a lot of fun. dont ask about any other details because i dont rememebr. this was probably 4 or 5 years ago maybe? give or take 2? All i know is it was worth it. It was also free i think. or at least i got in free.

    this may or may not help your decision.

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    Soundclash said:

    They will be touring Europe soon
    I saw some Japan dates announced on facebook/twitter but didn't read anything about an european tour, where did you get it ?

    I saw them last year in Paris (with Egon), it was a 4h+ beat orgy. Bring a camcorder or other device to record stuff that might see the light of the day no less than 2 years from now
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