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(please direct me to a previous thread if there is one)

I'm planning on going to Toronto this summer for a wedding. I haven't traveled in a year, so I'm looking forward to getting out of CA.

If I was alone or with friends, I'd hop onto the subway and just go wherever. However, I'm going to be with family members (mostly my mother who is paranoid, ultra-conservative and slow) so I have to do family friendly stuff. Any recommendations? Tourist attractions that are worth the time and money? Parts of town I should avoid? Best subway/cable car/bus routes?


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    Where are you staying?
    When are you coming?
    You better figure out a way to get away for at least one night so you can come out with DOR and I (tell your Mom I'm a nice Muslim girl, don't mention DOR).

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    Haha, Bassie, I'll try. I'm coming the week of the 23rd and have no idea where I will be staying. Different family members are arriving at different times, so a bulk of the trip will just be meeting up with the rest of our folks (we have family from a few different countries). I really hope Mom doesn't get pissed off at the world tonight and cancel my plane ticket.

    Anyway, what's good? I don't want to be eating biscuits and tea at my aunt's house if I can be doing something else.

    I'm making a list of generic touristy stuff and just ordered a used Lonely Planet guide for Toronto.

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    Find out where u'll be staying and what kinda stuff (personal interest) you wanna check out. We can point out stuff from there!

    Let's at the very least do some eats.

    I have a rule of only hanging out with Bassie once a year, so I'll pick that time!

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    Let us know when you find out. It'll be easier to tell you where to go and how to get there if we know where you are.
    This is if you are mostly traveling by transit. If you are driving, then it's easier.
    There are lots of family-friendly things to do that aren't boring

    -car-free Sunday on the last Sunday of the month in Kensington Market

    -Harbourfront Centre

    -you should look through Now Magazine for their summer events round-up and pick one up or check the site the week you're here

    -if you want to go clothes/shoes/etc. shopping, there are a load of places on Queen West - running west from University all the way to the lake. It is a day's walk, but worth going through all the different layers of gentrification while looking at cute shit. You'll easily hit five or so record stores, too.

    -Ossington between Dundas and Queen has a bunch of vintage stores, as does Kensington Market

    -Chinatown, Little India, Little Italy

    -Ontario Science Centre - they have a Harry Potter exhibition on right now. It's out of the city core, but worth it if you ask me.

    -the Royal Ontario Museum is a bit of a rip off imo, but the AGO is grand (and free on Wednesday nights). The AGO is right by Chinatown so you can kill two events in one go.

    -for expensive shit, check Bloor going west from Yonge

    -the Canadian National Exhibition is on at that time - it is kinda grimey, but the food building rocks and you will see every kind of human being possible

    These are some regular things. I guess you can go to the CN Tower, too.
    Dude - Toronto in the summertime is something to behold - you are lucky to be coming!

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    I take it back - by car is not easier...only if you are in the burbs and not close to TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) buses and/or subways.

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    Wedding's in Brampton, probably in some suburban area. I will not have a car. Hmm...retreating to the city is looking harder than I thought. Mon-Tues, arriving and hanging out with my mom's fave cousin. Fri-Sat wedding related stuff. Sunday, go back home. That leaves Wed and Thurs for possible escape.

    Thanks for the suggestions! Harbourfront/Waterfront is on the list.

  • Walk trhough Kensington, a peek at Chinatown a block east, then walk around Queen st. West - then head south to harbourfront - should be plenty entertaining for one day.

  • if you can break away for an afternoon:

    -bring lots of money for cosmos (it's one of top record stores anywhere but don;t go with a non-record person who will rush you).

    -if you're a fan of the comix and related stuff check out "silver snail" on queen.

    -get bassie and dor to tell you where the best jamaican take-out spots are.

    -get a belly buster bacon sub

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    Quick suggestion, if you're stuck in Brampton and looking for some eats with the family, check out Eddie's Wok n Roll. They do really great Indian-Chinese food:

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    Almond said:
    Wedding's in Brampton, probably in some suburban area.

    Brampton is the the suburbs, out of Toronto limits. Get someone to drop you off at the GO station, or if they are really nice, at the closest TTC subway station.

    It will be a tragedy if you are here for a week and we do not get to break bread with you.

    If you make it to Harbourfront on one of those free days, try to go during the day and meet us for food in the evening.

    I'll PM you my numbers - give me a shout if it looks like you can swing it.

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    If you end up at the Harbourfront Centre, try to keep a half hour to walk through the Power Plant gallery. It's free all summer and the current exhibit (exploring the relationship between humans and animals) is really interesting.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, y'all! I was talking to some fam members over the phone and this "vacation" is sounding like it's going to be a waste of my time since I'll be stuck with relatives. The food at the wedding better be worth it.

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    PS Anyone know if my phone will work there?

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    my phone has always worked when I go there

    might depend on your network

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    Might try the hippo bus, very touristy but a good way to get a feel of the touristy stuff in Toronto in a short period of time as it seems you won't have much. That way you get it out of the way and can see the more interesting stuff. It's one of those amphibious buses so you get a bit of the harbour tour.

    I'd definately say check out the Toronto island. It's $6.50 to take the ferry over. Weekdays are the best there are less families. Go to Wards island as Centre island has a small amusement park and is crawling with kids. Theres a nice beach on wards island facing away from the city so it really feels like you are somewhere else. The Rectory Cafe on wards island has fantastic patio to check out. Or pack a picnic lots of great places for a blanket or picnic benches. Oh and there's a frisbee golf course if thats your thing.

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    Life update:
    I was in Downtown Toronto for a day in a hotel near the fashion district. Harbourfront, Toronto Islands and just walking around. Now I'm in Brampton for the duration of my trip with a bunch of old folks. It's only been an hour. Good thing I have my phone and some books. I will post a few photos DJ Sheep style when I get back.

    My long lost uncle says:
    "There are two ways to take a shower. The first way involves turning on the water and soaping up and turning off the faucet when you're done 15 min later. But then the water runs out and the next person can't even wash their face. The second way involves turning on the water, getting wet, turning it off, soaping up and then quickly rinsing off. The second way is called teamwork."

    Does the water really run out in Canada? Do they really think guests from CA will suck the city dry?

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    Do you want me to send a rescue team?

    (Unless your uncle has not paid his water bill, I can only guess he is talking about hot water)

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    Almond said:

    Does the water really run out in Canada? Do they really think guests from CA will suck the city dry?

    i have only had my hotwater run out and that is due to 25 minute shower in the dead of, once the water heats up in the hotwaterheater shes good to go in about 20 minute or so...

  • i have 4 people leasing a house which puts the average shower rate at about 6 per day. i have never once had them mention loss of hot water. strange. it all depends on the size and strength of your hot water tank. just sayin'.

    cosmo b's at the drake friday, and I'm driving in from the west end if it's a pow wow you seek.

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    Hope all is well in Canada.
    And, what about older people who need to bathe in a tub?

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    -They're having plumbing issues. They're nice folks.
    -The grown-ups are trying to plan a trip to Niagara Falls.
    -I started reading Eat, Pray, Love and it's cute.
    -I saw some record spots downtown.
    -Thanks for the suggestions, y'all, but it would be rude for me to leave in the midst of this hospitality.

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    Niagara Falls is amazing and beautiful. There is a nice Canadian diner there, maybe Bassie could meet up with you all there.

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    Loved the street art in the Fashion District. Saw a few record spots along Queen Street, but I didn't spend a dollar on anything other than food or lodging, so I have no finds to share. Thanks, Toronto, it was fun, though we only had 36 hours together before I moved on to the suburbs. I think Cosmos Records relocated.

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    I'll be there starting next Thursday for Toronto Int'l Film Fest. Psyched. You've got a week to do something about those bedbugs, though.

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    onetet said:
    I'll be there starting next Thursday for Toronto Int'l Film Fest. Psyched. You've got a week to do something about those bedbugs, though.

    Maybe I'll post a pic of one of my bites and have y'all reassure me that it's not from a bedbug.

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    oops i wasn't suppose to post...but I have something to say

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    ok, I can't help it.

    Those pictures were the inspiration for a really fantastic dream I had last night!

    thank you Almond!!!
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