Suggested Mp3 Stores ?

kicks79kicks79 1,320 Posts
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Hey all where do you all buy your mp3's at ?
Outside of bleep, beatport, juno, and turntablelab which dosn't always have the kind of stuff im looking for.
Im sick of trolling through free downloads with shitty bitrates.
Itunes and amazon have variable bitrates correct ?


  • highschemehighscheme 780 Posts
    I've only messed with iTunes & Beatport. I prefer Beatport because you can get WAVs and I feel stupid for paying for digital files to begin with and even stupider if they aren't WAVs.

    I do buy quite a bit on iTunes but only out of convenience.

  • Pistol_PetePistol_Pete 1,289 Posts
    as far as major sites are concerned, i prefer Amazon over itunes. the indie spots i frequent are ttlab, juno, beatport and then i mostly go straight to the artist site or label. more and more are incorporating their own digi stores.
    last resort is just ripping a song off a blog, but i really prefer to pay them and get a higher quality mp3 or wav.

  • kicks79kicks79 1,320 Posts
    okay just found out that amazon is US only.
    Seems kind of dumb that they would do that.

  • wax poetics has a digital site

    traxsource for house and some funk and disco reissues

  • GnatGnat 1,183 Posts
    No there's a uk amazon store as well. I found this out because I tried to buy a bushwacka album that only the uk store had and not the us the US I couldn't buy from the uk store, so I assume it's the same vice versa.
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