michael greer "water"

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i'm slightly obsessed with this song at the moment...

what's the rest of the soundtrack like? worth picking up?


  • Rest of the soundtrack is OK. "Water" is far and away the best track on there. There's some cool, if not middle-of-the-road, garage and psych pop stuff scattered throughout.

    These posters are awesome...

  • Though true that "Water" is a stand out track. The soundtrack does have some other great stuff on it. Eric Burdon and War's "Magic Mountain" is a rare groove classic, and Mike Curb's renditions of "Happy Together" and "Sweet Gingerbread Man" are a bubble-gum fantasy. Unfortunately the version of "Nobody Knows" is not the same version from the film (not Ritchie Havens but rather Bill Medley from the Righteous Bros.) and it is not as cool. Jimmy Smith did a nice version of the song on his album for MGM though, at around the same year. "Time To Make A Turn" by Crow is a nice 60s garage track as well. Considering that most of the bands are on the obscure side, it's a pretty solid album to my ears.
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