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ever heard of him? chances are you havent. and i dont think dude cared. but he died yesterday and he was a hero of mine. so let me share with you his story.old dude. oakland native. after pearl harbor, the gov started rounding up the slant eyes and holding them in horse stables and shit. fred was like WHATEVER, and continued to live. they got him anyways. rolled him out to the horsetracks and then the desert. so he filed suit against the government in like 1942 or somewhere's right after he was detained. on the basis of racial discrimination. well, needless to say that didnt go anywhere. so he stayed at the grind for years with that shit. until the 80s when he got himself and a bunch of quiet americans some respect and some pocket change. but dude was more about the respect. and grandpa loves that shit. so, do your thing fred. i miss you.love always,shig


  • Respect...

  • Cool story - Thanks for sharing, Shig.
    Big up / Rest in Peace


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  • RIP, my brother.


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    As a liberal-minded law student, I have always had love for that guy. Korematsusama z''l.

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    i need to learn more history.

    RESPECT. and R.I.P.

    great story.

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    I heard this yesterday. I know people that were in the Japanese internment camps and it was terrible. Most Americans do not even know that this happened. When I was in public school this was never addressed or covered in any of our history courses. This was COMPLETLEY RACIALLY MOTIVATED. I know Japanese Americans who had their property and businesses confiscated here in Seattle. This is truly a dark moment in U.S. history. The Japanese Americans were rounded up and put in prison camps. During their internment, German and Italian Americans were free to live their life as usual. CRAZY!

    MUCH RESPECT to Fred Korematsu!


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    Dope story

    Respect due



  • decent little collection of news, photos and artifacts related to this period of los angeles history at the fort (macarthur?) in san pedro. dont recall if Fred Korematsu falls into the info or not. also some fun little tunnels to explore for you urban spelunker types. look for the outdoor auditorium and you'll find 'em.

    thanks for the info shig.

    r.i.p. fred

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  • Dude was a true American hero.
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