What is the best P-Funk side project?



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    Horseleech said:
    A friend of mine has an unreleased acetate of 'More Bounce' - an earlier version that was intended for a Bootsy album, with Bootsy vocals and space bass.


    do not sleep on this masterpiece. clarinet, disco, funk, gospel, and some amazing lyrics and vocals, the arrangements are bananas. so wack there never was a 12" on this.
    such a deep cut and original sound... george reaching and pushing far out...further blurring the lines of labels and genres.

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    is anybody else getting the red X?

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    yeah, a bunch of these youtube clips are not showing up for me - others are.

    and it's been said before, but put me in the minority that likes the 1st Ruth Copeland far more than the 2nd.

    "I Am What I Am" = flipped (and my boy that bought it texted me like "wtf that record sucked!" haha)

    "Self-Portrait" = filed
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