wearing my Soulstrut Shirt with pride

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...so tonight I was at a fancy place called The Shrine and I just helped a friend move so I'm not exactly dressed for public appearances but I have to say, I have my Soulstrut T-shirt and I'm so proud to be wearing it. Diamond D is making cuts with records (45s) he picked up at Out of the Past in Chicago :/ What was really awesome was Maker spinning and Courtland Green (Supreme Court - Sheer Magic). Maker was really excited Diamond D was wearing his headphones after his set. yap. that's all. thanks soulstrut. I haven't posted in ages and I'll be honest. I'm a tad wasted and I really hope you are too!!


  • Big_ChanBig_Chan 5,088 Posts
    Hi counterpoint. I'm drunk too and I have NO idea what the hell you are talking about!!!! LOL. I hope you are good.

    Audi 5000 G,


  • willie_fugalwillie_fugal 1,862 Posts
    Ha! Potato Worthy Thread.


    drunk too.

  • MR_ZIMMSMR_ZIMMS 210 Posts
    I'm having ? hangover this morning, but even then you're comments seem funny...!

  • shooteralishooterali 1,591 Posts
    Dude 4:53 strip clubs are closed, waffle house is full of drunk strippers and the cops are trying to get laid. Welcome to Atlanta...

  • MurdockMurdock 542 Posts
    drunk tooo. just unveiled a bottle of sochu i stole. whoo whoo hooo. alakey for those who care

  • pickwick33pickwick33 8,946 Posts
    sober as a judge, just got back in maybe a half-hour ago after seeing Dengue Fever live.
    I'm fin to go to sleep.

  • RAJRAJ tenacious local 7,664 Posts
    Awesome. Its been so long since I printed shirts that mine are distressing nicely.
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