Anybody do a post-punk DJ night?



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    if you can get people to dance to rosa yemen (or family fodder, for that matter), i applaude you

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    if you can get people to dance to rosa yemen (or family fodder, for that matter), i applaude you

    I agree, not very danceable, but it's a cool post-punk record that I felt was worth sharing.

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    Damnit guys, I'm trying to save money now and you're making my wantlist grow! Great thread, I need that Maximum Joy and Lizzy Mercier Descloux for sure.

    Don't have much to contribute, though I did recently stumble on Varve "Bamboo Curtain" recently which is pretty nice. Couldn't find anything on youtube though.

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    WAY into this thread, here's some stuff I like new & old that kind of fits in with this sound...

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    new favorite Material song:

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    Uhhhhh --- not sure how I never knew about this, but apparently Rip, Rig and Panic played on The Young Ones? My world just exploded.

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    If so what are the songs that work great for you?

    I've been doing a post punk night for few a months here. It's a lot of fun. I've been creeping out of the standard parameters of what post-punk supposedly is, not only in terms of artists but, also years 1978-1984. This is mainly because I don't want to get bored with playing Joy Division and Gang or Four all the time. I know that sounds weird, but there's a handful of songs that bring the house down every night.

    Where is your night? What's it called? What's the vibe like? Do people dance?

    I've dreamed about doing a post punk night for years, but never pulled the trigger because I don't have enough of it to make it interesting week to week. I swear there is enough for me to pull off an interesting night, but I would have to end up playing the same records every week, unless I committed all my time to unearthing new stuff. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to do that.

    BTW this thread is great. There are tons of classic tunes listed here, and a few I've never heard of. I can't wait to get my filthy paws on some of them...

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    Der Mussolini - DAF

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    Cats bringing the real RAER ... I used to get good looks out of these:

    obviously, "Damaged Goods"
    Birthday Party, "Zoo Music Girl"
    D?bile Menthol, "Crash que peut"
    P?re Ubu, "Street Waves"
    Romeo Void, "Never Say Never"
    Crime and the City Solution, "The Sly Persuaders"
    Brian Eno, "King's Lead Hat" and "Needle in the Camel's Eye" (not postpunk exactly but surely it would wash)
    Talking Heads, "Crosseyed and Painless"
    Eardance, "Movers and Shakers" and "Pawn Shop" (cassette-only sheeit from Chicago, but it should be bloggable)
    The Homosexuals, "Soft South Africans"
    Magazine, "Definitive Gaze"
    Mission of Burma, "That's When I Reach for My Revolver"
    Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, "The True Wheelbase"
    all the obvious Joy Division
    some early Adam Ant/Bow Wow Wow joints
    & of course "Blue" fucking "Monday"

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    Love that Bloods joint you poasted, Pony. I used to have the 45 of that, and I played the shit out of it. Somehow it went missing, so I was delighted to see it turn up on that first (and best) Soul Jazz "New York Noise" comp. Really like that Weatherall remix of Detachments, too. If you like that, you may know this as well;

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    not post punk but you could definately drop

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    Ok, just been browsing through this thread and had my eyes well and truly opened on what falls into post-punk. I've basically been craving a lot of this kind of sound recently but am a novice beyond the output of labels like Factory. Any good mixes out there for me to get to grips with?

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    First off, cop the first Soul Jazz "New York Noise" comp with the quickness. Also, if you can find the "Nine O'Clock Drop" compilation that Weatherall did for Nuphonic, that's really good. Both the Virgin "Methods Of Dance" comps have now been collected on one CD, but the original albums used to turn up regularly in second-hand spots. As for mixes, that Trevor Jackson Playgroup Party Mix that Pony used to have on his blog has a grip of classics from that era if you can find it.

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    Thanks Doc, can only see this thread as a timely sign that I'm ready to embrace the world of guitar again. Going to get on a mission today and start hunting the stuff you mentioned down.

  • Some serious recommendations in this thread. Thanks, all.

    A couple of obvious one's I would add:

    David Byrne "Black Flag" from "The Catherine Wheel" album. I think there are a couple of others from that album that would work as well.

    A Certain Ratio "Flight"

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    yes neil.. catherine wheel is amazing, only heard it for the first time the other day

    i guess you could throw some Devo and Was Not Was into the kind of stuff your playing there and it would work.

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    Yeah, absolutely. Like I said at the top, so much of this stuff was the kind of thing I'd play during my first dabblings in DJing at the very start of the 80s. Me, my brothers and a few of our mates used to hire out local community centres and pub function rooms, get a small PA and one of those old-school mobile disco coffin units and put on parties. I got asked to DJ mainly because I had loads of records, but we all got in on the act. We'd play anything from the kind of post-punk joints in this thread, loads of Ze Records/99 Records shit, early Sugarhill/Enjoy joints, shit like Buffalo Gals, Hip-Hop Be-Bop and Planet Rock, new-wavey electropop stuff (Kraftwerk to Human League and all points between), even James Brown or things like "War Is Coming, War Is Coming". It was a lot of fun.

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    In 2001 Trevor Jackson did a nice post-punk mix for Ninja Tune's Solid Steel:

    PART 3 ? Trevor Jackson
    Tuxedomoon Unkown Celluloid
    Lizzy Mecier Delux Unkown Ze
    General Strike Unkown Unkown
    Bill Laswell Work Song Celluloid
    Flying Lizards Russia Virgin
    Za Za Blow Up Unkown
    Ledernachen Amok Unkown
    Chris And Cosey Unkown Unkown
    Phil Manzara Big Dome Eg
    Jah Wobble Unkown Virgin
    Vortex Ost Black Box Unkown
    Blurt Spill The Beans Red Flame
    Mouth Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Y
    Section 25 Dirty Disco Factory
    Pylon Danger Dub Unkown
    Honey Bane Dub Unkown
    Unkown Move Unkown
    Material Secret Life Celluloid
    Glaxo Babies Unkown Y

    As this is old, and never a commercial release, I could up load if anybody wants a copy. It also goes straight into a nice dub set by ColdCut (so an hour in total):

    PART 4 - Cold Cut
    Jacob Miller Keep On Knocking Unkown
    Augustus Pablo Keep On Dubbing Unkown
    Jacob Miller Who Say Jah No Dread Unkown
    Augustus Pablo Stop The Jah Unkown
    Bong Pat Young Generation Unkown
    Augustus Pablo New Style Unkown
    Jacob Miller Each One Teach One Unkown
    Augustus Pablo Each One Dub Unkown
    Jacob Miller Each One Teach One Dub Unkown
    Jacob Miller False Rasta Unkown
    Augustus Pablo 555 Dub Street Unkown
    Jacob Miller Hungry Town Skank Unkown
    Augustus Pablo Brace A Boy Unkown
    Augustus Pablo Braces Tower Dub Unkown
    Jacob Miller Baby I Love You So Unkown
    Augustus Pablo King Tubbies Meets Rockers Uptown

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    Playing Embryo in the shop this morning which would work (although its really pre-punk) -

    That whole "Surfin'" LP is underrated, and I love this tune, but I don't think I'd play it at a party.
    Too slow and druggy/proggy. If I were to play something from that album, It would be "Music Of Today".
    Has a lot more spunk to it.

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    I feel sonned. But this is what I was hoping for. I probably have about 200 records that fit this genre, but after several gigs, I'm already getting stale. The problem is so much of this stuff is harder to find over here. Especially the 12" singles. Seems like most of the people posting the deeper tracks are in (or from) the UK. Last time I was in Germany I found a ton of stuff that was so cheap and clean that I was constantly asking if they were reissues.

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    A lot of that SST stuff works. Esp. Meat Puppets II, Zen Arcade and yeah, sorry, some Black Flag songs sound post punk.

  • Jah Wobble/Jaki Liebezeit/Holger Czukay "How Much Are They?"

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    a few weirder ones outside of the usual dancefloor cannon...

    diagram brothers - we are all animals
    camberwell now - working nights
    fellini - rock europa
    the ex - cells
    misson of burma - trem two
    minimal compact - statik dancing
    ramm - spark the universe (dub)
    400 blows - black and white
    la perversita - et quelque de bonheur
    social climbers - chicken 80
    electric chairs - so many ways
    grauzone - eisbaer

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    It wouldn't be so difficult to organize a weekly/monthly show (If you have some money to spent, of course).
    There are so many possibilities with post-punk; you can throw in some no-wave,
    minimal-synth, cold wave, focus on certain countries... I'm a sucker for german wave, Neue Deutsche Welle, for instance.

    If I remember correctly, there's this post-punk night in Los Angeles called part-time punks organised by Michael Stock, who is also making radio shows for Dublab:

    Dublab podcasts

    Here are some German Joints:

    And then there's so much more...

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    Some dude gave me shit last time for playing Minutemen. Talbout they're punk not post-punk. I played "Political Song for Micheal Jackson to Sing" and they went apeshit. I heard everybody sing along @ PAUSE, "I must look like a dork!"

    Crazy talk. Especially the song I posted...sounds almost exactly like a Gang of Four song.

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    BTW--Got a monthly in Richmond. Always looking for guests.

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    It wouldn't be so difficult to organize a weekly/monthly show (If you have some money to spent, of course).
    There are so many possibilities with post-punk; you can throw in some no-wave,
    minimal-synth, cold wave, focus on certain countries... I'm a sucker for german wave, Neue Deutsche Welle, for instance.

    yeah, NDW and cold/synth/minimal/dark wave is a whole other bag that is endlessly deep, only works on certain crowds in america though. NDW especially can be totally floor clearing, something about shouting in german makes people uncomfortable. at an open minded night (or if you build the energy right) is can be amazing...a room full of people going apeshit to "co co pino" is a slight to behold. tough to pull off though.
    pretty good NDW thread here:

    i've DJed post-punk for years and most of what works is really just rockist disco. there's obviousuly a whole style and cache of songs that club kids are now comfortable within the early 80s blur of post punk, new wave, left field disco, proto-techno/house, whatever. "disco-not-disco" is a stupid term but it definitely describes a real sound that a lot of people go for, and it's all been pretty well mapped out. post punk is really just a jump of point for a lot of that.
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