Paul Horn appreciation

roistoroisto 877 Posts
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His early 1960's albums "Profile Of A Jazz Musician" and "Something Blue"...damn! Quality all the way through. What else is there to check out? I'm not too much into his later output.


  • "impressions of cleopatra" is essential

  • skelskel You can't cheat karma 5,028 Posts
    Damn. Now I can't banish that "Count Your Change" earworm.

  • roistoroisto 877 Posts
    Forgot about that one! I love "Cleopatra's Palace Music".

    Is Cycle any good?

  • FatbackFatback 6,746 Posts
    The stuff with Chico Hamilton.

  • selperfugeselperfuge 1,165 Posts
    the jam with Shamu's moms

  • willie_fugalwillie_fugal 1,862 Posts
    i ride for Inside.

  • If you're into ambient and experimental sound, there was a Blue Note Reissue of Paul Horn In India. It has a nice meditative sound to it.
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