Jesus Got Breaks T-Shirts Now Available!!!

behemothbehemoth 2,189 Posts
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Printed on high quality cotton Gildan shirts....i used "discharge" print which gives a "no raised" feel!!available in S, M, L, XL, 2XLthis is a very limited run to help with my upcoming European tour. I will be pressing more when i get back but probably in another limited run and a different color. I will also be printing other similar shirts so don't sleep on this one...cost is $25 and that includes shipping!!send payment to [email][/email]any questions just shoot me an email as well


  • MeepMeep 320 Posts
    Is the 25$ for euro dudes too? That's one spiffy shirt anyway

  • behemothbehemoth 2,189 Posts
    Euro dudes might have to pay a dollar or 2 extra

    i have to check it out at the post office

  • ZEN2ZEN2 1,540 Posts
    Thanks for the shirt man, turned out nice.

  • sticky_dojahsticky_dojah New York City. 2,136 Posts
    pm and $ sent! Looking forward!

  • CinisterCeeCinisterCee 863 Posts
    copped a 2X

  • AlmondAlmond 1,427 Posts
    Who's your model? If that's you, then Strutter weight-loss advice worked fast. (You're the one who started the weight loss thread, right?)
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