new mix: DOG EGGS

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Here's a mix of more stuff I've picked up - - this ones mostly fuzzy, funky, groovy stuff with some Bollywood and rock bits chucked in. Apparently this is my 49th mix! (according to my i-tunes folder they all live in)listen here: MAQUINA! - "lands of perfection" (Diablo 45)2. MECKI MARK MEN - "sweet movin" (Limelight 45)3. GAMMA GOOCHEE - "(you got the) gamma goochee" (Coldpix 45)4. LES COOPER - "boston monkey" (Enjoy 45)5. CECIL GARRETT - "bearcat" (Calla 45)6. PROFESSOR LONGHAIR - "big chief" (Watch 45)7. S. BURDSON - "hard training" (Conroy LP)8. A.C. REED - "boogaloo tramp" (Nike 45)9. R.D. BURMAN - "mil gaya ham ko saathi" (from EMI LP "Hum Kisise Kum Naheen")10. THE CHEVELLES - "the gallop" (Flaming Arrow 45)11. ENNIO MORRICONE - "il gatto a nove code" (Cinevox LP)12. R.D. BURMAN - "pyar karnewale" (from Polydor LP "Shaan")13. TRIANGLE - "la route infernale" (Pathe LP)14. KAHUNA KAWENTZMANN - "road to estoril" (Stark Reality 45)15. THE MOOG MACHINE - "yummy yummy" (CBS LP)16. ED BOGAS - "cartoon time" (Fantasy LP)17. HAP PALMER - "frere jaques" (Activity Records Inc. LP)18. BERNARD EBBINGHOUSE - "the pill" (20th Century Fox 45)19. GAL COSTA - "meu nome e gal" (Philips LP)20. JAQUES DUTRONC - "la metamorphoses" (Vogue 45)21. THE BULLY BOYS BAND - "everybody's talkin" (Dunhill LP)22. THE BARDS - "owl & the pussycat" (Burdette 45)23. ACKERMANN/ THUSEK - "science fiction 5" (DiM LP)24. SEVERINE - "vers la lumiere" (Philips LP)25. DAMNATION OF ADAM BLESSING - "last train to clarksville" (UA LP)26. CURTIS KNIGHT - "eenee meenee minee mo" (Paramount LP)27. ZIPS - "evil hearted woman" (RAK 45)28. XY&Z - "the days are passing" (Poplandia 45)29. THE TROLL - "werewolf and witchbreath" (Smash LP)30. THE DEVIL'S ANVIL - "besaha" (Columbia LP)
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