Sir Chance 1st feat. DJ White Knight

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Anyone have any info on this duo?

Sir Chance 1st featuring D.J. White Knight[/b] - Coming Out Hard! / Tosha's the Talk of the Town b/w Ragged Out / Knight's Day (Envictious Records 8002)

I know this 12 dropped in 1987 out of Nashville, TN, but I can't find anything else about Envictious. Aside from the ill cover, White Knight's cuts are super nice for 1987.

Is there anything else on this label? An intro to one of the cuts references the Blow Pop crew and Mr. Zero as Envictious affiliates.


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    theres a White Knight from Chicago... doubt its the same dude tho.... PAREN TO THE RESCUE ON THE RARE RAPPS

  • ok this is all a bit fuzzy from the years, but I remembner all the old school nashville djs(i went to school there in the mid 90s) saying white night was down with prime minister pete nice in particular, and third bass in general. He was definately an east coast transplant. I used to see that record around town a good deal, but never picked it up. How is it? If you want more specific info I'm sure I could dig up some of the names and phone numbners of the old school djs in town, some are bound to still be good and you could do your homework.

    hope that helps

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    The record is solid. The drum programming and the cuts on the track Knight's Day are what impressed me the most. There are back cover shouts out to DJ B-Nice, Sam Rock, Hard Russell and the DJ III as well as a nod to Vanderbilt University.

    Hit me off with a PM and some names if you have the chance. I'd like to dig a bit deeper while I am still in the midwest.

  • ... as well as a nod to Vanderbilt University and WRVU.
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