Rep your Favorite Mainstream Records

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    The Mighty Knights "Go And Tell That"

    Great gospel lp.

    Also, Alice Clark.


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    Must also add

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    recent pull, this has been a favorite for the past few weeks or so..

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    Plus one for Alice Clark.

    Also seem to remember at least one of the Maxine Weldon albums being decent though it's been a few years since I heard them, Right On maybe?

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    Art Farmer Gentle Eyes, for this:

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    Here's two that I like:

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    Yes! Blue Mitchell's Graffitti Blues is another Mainstream title I like along with the excellent 'Screaming Mothers' double LP from Ernie Wilkins, although I think that's cobbled together from two other Mainstream sessions...

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    Found that in the dollarbin the other day. Did not expect it to be that good. It is. It's very good.

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    These are a couple that I still have filed:

    Piero Piccioni "10th Victim O.S.T."
    Capes & Masks "Comic Book Heroes"
    Shelly Manne "Mannekind"
    Mike Longo "Awakening"
    Frank Foster "The Loud Minority"
    Charles Kynard "S/T"
    Buddy Terry "Awareness"

    The 60s rock stuff I've had/heard didn't really grab me.

    I've never come across that Joe Cain. Looks interesting.
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