Recommend one record shop in London

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Will be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I may have some spare time for record shopping. I'm mostly into jazz, some soul and "psych" rock as well. Which shop should I check out? Thanks, folks.


  • tape and record exchange on nottinghill rd and the one in camden town and that is seriously it. you'll cop some good stuff at either of those locations but expect attitude and you can't listen to shit.

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    Is it worthwile to bring trades? What about Crazy Beat?

    Thanks for the tips.

  • The guys at Crazy beat will treat you good - but the shops a bit of a hike out east. If you've got one shop to visit i'd try soul brother in Putney - cool shop, otherwise the music and video exchanges are good (but can be hit and miss).

  • depends what kind of trades you have. they only want vinyl that they can move. if you have charles earland records etc bring those but the dudes there know records and the more heat you can bring them the better you're going to get treated.

    crazy beat from my memory was total bs. stick with tape and record exchange and save yourself the hassle of schleppping around town trying to track down every record store.

    when you go to notting hill rd, take a small detour up portebello rd (whcih is a lovely street in any event) and check the shops up there but prepare yourself for insane prices.

  • We just had this thread (click here). FMF is on point with recommending the exchange stores. YES, bring trades. Crazy beat is great, but a bit of a trek outside Central London.

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    Oh, I missed that thread. Thanks.
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