Audiodisc home recording

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Today I pulled out an audiodisc 12" that was in a collection that I purchased more than 2 years ago. I thought this was a blank acetate until just an hour ago. It turns out it's a home recording - recorded at 78. It's quite dirty, but listening on the numark portable with headphones yielded the following excerpts:

It looks like we're cuttin' real good record in here, mother... I don't know. We'll soon tell. Come take a look at it.

If we can get this record cut and get it into hollywood, maybe we can take care of the mortgage.

Mother! Don't haul any more wood! No, don't cut any more wood tonight; father's comin' in with a load on.

(inaudible retort) least i'm not as bad as a lazy Pollock who married a pregnant girl!

You got all the ashtrays hidden? i can't find an ashtray anywhere, and I tried to quit smokin' a dozen times today.



Perhaps the interest in these came and went with Josh's last album, but l find them to be quite eerie. Any advice on how to clean them would be happily received.
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