Please explain Ernie B's Used Record Prices

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edited March 2010 in Strut Central'm no Jamaican expert, but there's a lot $30 stuff for $200+


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    Yes, their used prices are outrageous and are not helped by the fact that you can't hear a clip for condition. I rarely order from them, they use UPS to ship to Canada (unless this has changed) which means extra customs costs. I usually go in on an order with other people.

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    I'm no Jamaican expert, but there's a lot $30 stuff for $200+

    haha!!! EB is a joke when it comes to used record prices. by no means is it to be used as a measuring stick for validating reggae prices.

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    I like these guys, too

  • I think the people who buy used stuff from EB's pay those kind of prices because of how reliable they are, quick shipping, good packing, no worries ever. It's not like it's their bread and butter either. That said there are a few used pieces up that are not bad deals at all, but those are few and far between.

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    That's why I stick to Sizzla 45's, and whatever Ernie B's has on clearance, sometimes 45's go for about 39 cents. I'll take them.

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    He is high that's why!
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