Yacht Jazz Recommendations

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I have to play some records before a Yacht Rock tribute band (Three Sheets to the Wind) this Friday. It's for my jazz happy hour thing. So I want to try to bring in some jazz records that fit the Yacht/Soft Rock vibe.More like this:


  • Lucious_FoxLucious_Fox 2,479 Posts
    Bob James - Feel Like Making Love

  • fejmelbafejmelba 1,139 Posts
    james last - summertime

  • pcmrpcmr 5,591 Posts
    80's brazilian cti
    wayne shorter native dancer

  • JimsterJimster Cruffiton.etsy.com 6,857 Posts
    Brian Auger - Maiden Voyage (Live)

  • HarveyCanalHarveyCanal "a distraction from my main thesis." 13,234 Posts
    Headhunters - I Remember I Made You Cry
    Catalyst - The Demon Part 2
    Monty Alexander - Love and Happiness
    Gato Barbieri - Latin Reaction
    Crusaders - Whispering Pines
    Jan Hammer- Don't You Know

  • mrmatthewmrmatthew 1,575 Posts

  • jjfad027jjfad027 1,594 Posts
    Michael Franks- Jardin Botanico, Lifeline

    Joe Sample- Fly with Wings of Love

  • Lucious_FoxLucious_Fox 2,479 Posts

    Yacht Soul

  • mrmatthewmrmatthew 1,575 Posts

    Yacht Soul

    No one rides the smooth waves that separate the seas of Yacht Jazz and Yacht Soul with more confidence and ease than "NOCO".

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