Unreleased Parliament/Funkadelic demos/outtakes!!!

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some kind soul upped these at hq hiphop.http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V1X1KG1R


  • Sounds like it's gonna be amazing!!! Thanks for sharing.

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    Track Listing:
    1-01 Big Footin' (Alternate Version)
    1-02 Eddie and Bootsy's Jam
    1-03 Up For The Down Stroke (Alternate Version)
    1-04 Nothing For Nothing
    1-05 I Can Move You (If You Let Me) (Alternate Version)
    1-06 Origin Of Standing On The Verge
    1-07 Presence Of A Brain (Alternate Version)
    1-08 Not Long Ago (Eddie's Groove)
    1-09 Needy and Greedy
    1-10 George Directing
    1-11 Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic #1
    1-12 Chinny Chin Chin (The Bigger The Pill)
    2-01 Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic #2 (with intro by George Scat)
    2-02 The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg (Alternate Version)
    2-03 Groove To This
    2-04 Alice In My Fantasies (Alternate Version)
    2-05 If It Don't Fit (Don't Force It) (Instrumental)
    2-06 Red Hot Mama (Alternate Version)
    2-07 Jimmy's Got A Little Bit Of Bitch In Him (Instrumental)
    2-08 Together (Alternate Version)
    2-09 Another Place (Instrumental)
    2-10 Ride On (Alternate Version)
    2-11 Groove To This (Alternate Version)
    2-12 Bootsy's Thump (Take 1)
    2-13 Eddie Hazel Rocks Out (Smeero's Jam)
    3-01 Happy Feet (Bernie's Jam)
    3-02 Chicken Scratch
    3-03 Arm Pit
    3-04 Right To Life (Mambo) (Take 1)
    3-05 Right To Life (Mambo) (Take 2)
    3-06 Bootsy's Thump (Take 2)
    3-07 Rutherford Tales
    3-08 Let's Take It To The People (Instrumental)
    3-09 Bootsy For Your Booty
    3-10 I've Been Watching You (Move Your Sexy Body) (Instrumental)
    3-11 A Blow For Me, A Toot For You (Instrumental)
    3-12 Soul Mate (Instrumental)
    3-13 Rat Kissed The Cat (Spooky Mix)

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    Isn't this part of the "Some of dis some of dat" compilations George Clinton released several years ago?

  • this looks great. "i've been watching you" is one of my favourites, excited to hear that instrumental and others. thanks

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    Isn't this part of the "Some of dis some of dat" compilations George Clinton released several years ago?
    it could be. i never listened to those. i thought they were all horn hits, seperated tracks that were more for sampling than actual listening to.
    there was another series that george clinton had out at the time that was all unreleased tracks. i can't think of the name right now.

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    I've had that for a little while, there's some good stuff on there.

  • Holy shit! Thanks.

  • Holy shit! Thanks.

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    thanks for sharing

  • this is amazing

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    Oooh!!! Giggedy!!! Thankapotamus!!!
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