Help with the raps

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I know this kind of thing has been covered a few times, but I am looking for suggestions of recent (2008 or later) hip hop albums worth checking for.What I dont like- Super glitched out, cold, sterile sounding stuff- Battle ryhmes- People who out rightly just try to sound like another producer. - Atmosphere/def jux style rappuers/groups- Skull Snaps break (i just cant handle it any more sorry)What I like- Well produced, jazz or soul inspired albums like Clin d'Oeil, Jay Are's 60's Jazz revolution Again (J.Rawls production was great on this)- I have been feeling lots of Japanese hip hop lately, especialy some of the stuff from Mitsu, Groove Man Sport and so on.- Grown man talk, as much as I like the thugged out stuff i grew up on, I am now 35 years old and really prefer to listen to lyrics I can some what relate too.Plase to offer your ALBUM suggestionsthankyou


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