impossible 00s R&B song ID

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OK, so I have almost no clues to offer here, but there was this top 40 female R&B track in the Ciara/Rihanna mold that came out in, I believe, late 2004. The vocal was kind of forgettable, but the song had a distinctive, massively distorted and filtered bass+guitar riff. Then the beat got a little sappy on the hook. All I can hope here is that someone remembers a rather short-lived top 40 jam that was driven by a truly massive distored bass+guitar sound. Or maybe people can just rattle off names of some R&B divas of the 00's to give me some leads. Eh?


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    Is this joint what you are looking for? This is the first track that came to mind from your description.

    Ashanti - "Only U"

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    LOL! MOke beat me to it!

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    YES!! Thank you!

    When this came out I figured it would be around awhile and I'd hear who it was soon enough, but then it disappeared from the air waves and fell off my radar.

    So, what's the the producer, Seven Aurelis, been up to lately?

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    That riff is grimey.

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    i remember camron had a good mixtape track with this beat that contained the line "the izod matching the ipod"

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    I remember noting the sample when the track first came out, but I had deleted everything about this track from my memory except that grimey-ass guitar, which has been fixed in my brain.

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    wow! i did not know about the luniz sample on that record.

    -rares only on my ipod.

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    that ashanti track is hard. i still get requests for it sometimes....

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    That record was only hot for a minute, but man, did it sound incredible on a good club system.
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