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I'm going to Norway in 10 days with my girlfiend and little daughter. We will mostly be travelling in the south. We are going with a little campervan.We checked out several guides and the internet and there are so many beautiful spots out there, it's hard to choose.Any Norway Strutters or people who have been there recently on here that can give some advice or recommendations on where to go? Do's and dont's? We will be mostly out in nature but I'd like to check out some spots for records if possible.Any advice would be kindly appreciated.thanks folks!


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    I'm not super familiar with the south but my impression is that all the places are fairly similar. Kristiansand is small and cosy town, some beaches around there. Same for Stavanger i think although i have not been there. Also a small city near Kristiandsand called Arendal is nice. If you go to Arendal you should maybe go to the islands/half-islands outside, Trom??ya and others. Quite beatiful and it's not impossible to catch some fish.

    If you want that next level nature experience (which 99% of the tourists that come here want), you should travel to the west coast or up north. Cant go wrong with Lofoten. Oh, and if possible you can take the ferry trip called Hurtigruten from the south to the west coast, or opposite. That's suppose to be amazing although i suspect the price is a bit stiff. But, as you probably know, the price level here is high in general.

    If you go to Oslo, by all means avoid most of the "tourist attractions". They suck. Maybe only the Viking museum? The city center is ugly, dirty and boring Instead, find the true soul of the city by wandring around in the outskirt parts of the inner city, places like Gr??nerl??kka, Rodel??kka, Gamlebyen, Fredensborg, Skarpsno, V??lerenga, to name a few. There are many diiferent styles of architecture in these places. And the city land scape, the shops and the people look more interesting than in the city center - which is more like a Jersey mall. A walk along Akerelva (the a river that goes through the city) could be recomended.
    I'm not so much out clubbing these days, but Bl?? (along Akerselva) should a safe recommandation.
    It's really not that many record stores but check out Ringstr??ms Antivkvariat in Ullev??lsveien and possibly R??kk n R??lls (lol) in Akergata although it is somewhat of an overprized dollar-bin in general. For new records, you can check out Big Dipper, Tiger and Sound of Noize - all located about 20 meters from eachother in Torgata. The latter is some kind of heavy/death metal joint.
    Also DON'T
    -confuse that the city is relativly safe with that it's totally safe.
    -eat in the tourist restaurant in the city center

    Guess i could go on and on about Oslo but these are my main tips .. i think.

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