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Hello Soulstrut,I'm Thomas/Bobwall from FrenchattackHere's the summer trade list. 100% french press.Cover are between EX and MRecords are all NM to MPM me or email me ( for trade offers. Thanks for looking!///////////////AFRO SOUL FUNKFERRY DJIMMY ??? A Were Were We Coco / Egbemi Black (Path??)FERRY DJIMMY ??? Oluwa Lohanmi Nichai / Toba Walemi (EMI Path??)FELA - Lady / Shakara 7" (EMI Path??)GEORGE TINDLEY ??? WanTuWahZuree / Pity The Poor Man (Scepter)PAUL FLAGG ??? Tell The Thruth / Georgia Pines (Scepter)EL KLAN ??? Sweet Soul Music / One Mint Julep (President)JAMES CRAWFORD ??? Honest I Do EP (Columbia ESRF 1767)LEE DORSEY ??? Rain Rain Go Away EP (Columbia ESRF 1842)LEE DORSEY ??? Get Out Of My Life Woman EP (Columbia)THE TOYS ??? Silver Spoon EP (Columbia ESRF 1778)THE COUNTS ??? What's Up Front That Counts (EMI Stateside)SKULL SNAPS ??? S/T (GSF)RAY PEREIRA ??? Funk Everything / They Say (EMI Columbia)GIL SCOTT HERON ??? The Bottle / Back Home (Strata East)TRIBE ??? Coke Part 1 & 2 (Probe)GEORGE YOUNG ??? Try It, You'll Like It / Sayin' Somethin' (Columbia)/////////////////////////JAZZTHE HESHOO BESHOO GROUP ??? Armitage Road (Columbia)ORNETTE COLEMAN ??? Man On The Moon / Growing Up (Stateside)PHAROAH SANDERS ??? Japan / Colors (Stateside)HANS DULFER ??? The Morning After The Third (EMI Path??)BOTH HANDS FREE ??? S/T (Kemp / Pegrum Music Ltd.)MONTY ALEXANDER ??? Love And Sunshine (MPS Delta)ROBERT WOOD - Sonabular (Edici)//////FREAKBEAT BEAT JERK POPTHE STORMSVILLE SHAKERS ??? Number One EP (EMI Odeon)MITCH RYDER - Sock It To Me EP (Columbia ESRF 1849)CHRIS FARLOWE ??? Ride On Baby EP (Columbia ESRF 1837)ZOOT MONEY'S BIG ROLL BAND ??? Please Stay EP (Columbia)ZOOT MONEY'S BIG ROLL BAND - Big Time Operator (Columbia)THE BOB CREWE GENERATION - Music To Watch Girls By (Columbia ESRF 1838)THE SHEIKS ??? Tears Are Coming EP (Odeon MEO 131)MIGUEL CORDOBA - Dansez Le Skate EP (President)PIERRE PORTE ??? Bon Dimanche (mfp)NICOLE LEGENDRE ??? Dans Les Rues De Londres EP (Columbia)JONADAN - A Angie EP (Columbia)THE BUCKINGHAMS - Kind Of A Drag EP (Columbia ESRF 1841)VINCENT RAPHAEL - Seul Depuis Mille Ans / Sylvie (EMI)MICHEL JASMIN - Coquillage Du Souvenir / Dernier Aventurier (Path??)RAYMONDE - Etre Une Fille / Toute Ma Vie (Path??)RAYMONDE - Rose est notre vie (Path??)ANGELERI ??? Lisa Lisa / Fine Settimana (Odeon)BOB KUBAN AND THE IN MEN ??? The Cheater EP (Columbia)DAVID & DOMINIQUE ??? A Vava Inou Va / Nemo (Path??)MICHEL MAGNE ??? Moshe Mouse Crucifixion (Sonopresse)LES DAUPHINS - Priez Pour Moi (Columbia)COATY DE OLIVEIRA - The Coaty's Pop (Path??)///////////////////PSYCH PROGSECOND HAND - Death May Be Your Santa Claus (EMI Stateside)AHORA MAZDA - S/T (EMI Path?? C062 24184)MIDNIGHT SUN - S/T (EMI Stateside)SOLUTION - S/T (Columbia C062 24377)SWEGAS - Child Of Light (Trend 2C 064 92.507)SOLUTION - Divergence (EMI Harvest 2C 064 24541)WARM DUST - Peace For Our Time (Trend C064 92228)PLUS - Seven Deadly Sins (Stateside C062 91602)FORMERLY FAT HARRY - S/T (Harvest C064 04923)SYD BARRETT - Barrett (Harvest 2C 062 04592 2nd press)WIZZARD BREW - S/T (EMI Harvest)INCREDIBLE HOG - S/T (EMI Columbia)MASTER'S APPRENTICES - A Toast To Paname Red (EMI Regal)NORTHWIND - Sister, Brother, Lover.... (EMI Regal C062 92582)THE NORMAN HAINES BAND - Den Of Iniquity (EMI Odeon C062 04818)NINE DAYS WONDER - S/T (Bacilius Records C064 92740)ANDREAS THOMOPOULOS - Songs Of The Street (EMI Stateside C062 92141)TEAR GAS - S/T (EMI Regal C062 92549)THE ILLUSION - Super Illusion (Paramount 2C 062 92589)LUV MACHINE- Happy Children / Witches Wand (Path??)WARM DUST - It's A Beautiful Day / Worm Dance (Trend)BURNIN RED IVANHOE - S/T (Stateside 2C 064 93072)MORSE CODE - La Marche Des Hommes (Sonopresse)V/A ARTISTS ??? Byg Special Disc Jockey (Byg promo only)EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND - Out Demons Out / Momma's Reward (Harvest)V/A ARTISTS ??? Les Plus Grands Artistes Du Monde Arabe (mfp)V/A ARTISTS - Les Plus Grands Artistes Du Monde Arabe Vol.2 (mfp)ATOLL - Je T'Aime Quand Je Te Vois / Change Ta Vie (Eurodisc)COZY POWELL - Dance With The Devil / And Then There Was Skin (RAK)PARRISH & GURVITZ - S/T (Regal)IRIS - Aux Portes Des Villes / Opus 340 (Connection)DYNASTIE CRISIS - Vivre Libre / Faust 72 (EMI Path??)BRIGITTE FONTAINE - Quand Les Ghettos / Ca Va Faire Un Hit (Byg)B. FONTAINE / ARESKI - L'Incendie 7" (Byg)DAWN - Candida (Bell Records)GROUNDHOGS - Split (UA)THE 101ERS - Elgin Avenue Breakdown (Virgin)INCREDIBLE HOG - Lame / Tadpole (Columbia)ASSEMBLAGE - Satisfaction / Black And White (Stateside)TRIANGLE - Le Temps Des Tams Tams / IAM (Path??)JEAN COHEN SOLAL - Captain Tarthopom 7" (Connection)JEAN COHEN SOLAL - Cyclical Game / Raga Du Matin (Daphy)IGOR WAKHEVITCH - Logos 7" (EMI Path??)GERARD MANSET - Caesar 7" (EMI PAth??)/////////////////////SOUNDTRACKMICHEL LEGRAND ??? Un Peu De Soleil Dans L'Eau Froide 7" (Bell)PHILIPPE SARDE ??? 7 Morts Sur Ordonnance 7" (Path??)FRANCOIS DE ROUBAIX ??? Un Peu Beaucoup Passionnement 7" (Paramount)MIKIS THEODORAKIS ??? Serpico (Paramount)BERNARD KESSLAIR ??? La Bourse Et La Vie (Columbia)GERARD CALVI ??? L'Oeuf 7" (Path??)////////////////////////LIBRARYDAVE SARKYS ??? News Power (Crea Sound)GEORGES RODI ??? Actual 2 (Mondiophone)GUY BOYER ??? Vibra Conception (Crea Sound )PAT ANDREW ??? Marmalade (Mondiophone)CAMILLE SAUVAGE ??? 7 Drums Concerto (Crea Sound)GEORGES RODI ??? Sound Power (Crea Sound)MICHEL GONET ??? Fireworks (Crea Sound)DAVE SARKYS ??? Troubles Vol.2 (Crea Sound)V/A ARTISTS ??? Jingle For You (Crea Sound)ROGER ROGER ??? Drama And Suspence (Crea Sound)ERIC SWAN ??? Jingle Encore (Crea Sound)ROGER ROGER ??? Musique Idiote (Neuilly)JJ PERREY & G SIGRIST ??? Dynamoog (Creasound)NINO NARDINI ??? Funny Moogy (Creasound)PHILLY DISCO CLUB ??? USA (Creasound)CECIL LEUTER ??? Altitude 3000 (Creasound)GEORGES RODI ??? Spaciology (Creasound)R.ROGER / N.NARDINI ??? Super Flash (Creasound)MICHEL GONET ??? Contrasts (Creasound)


  • Only a couple of replies on this, I can't believe you'll find nothing of interest!!

    Many of these records have soundclips and picture of the cover on my website.

    Check it out and make a move!!
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