8.05: KRUNK: ALL STARS f/ c15 of TIME_MACHINE!!!

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Anyone who caught Time Machine last time in DC knows what time it is... Those who haven't, here's your chance to catch one of their solo side projects w/ c15 and local legend BLAKE-9. RollWifus is doin it real big too. Reps from SoSoDef and many more will be in the house...FRIDAY, AUG 5th : KRUNK PRESENTS...THE ROLL WIT US ALL STARSStraight from the pages of B Magazine and Free Magazine in the states, as well as Grindmode magazine in the UK come DC's best kept secret,The Roll Wit Us All Stars. These talented young cats have been gaining popularity on Wpgc 95.5, Dream nightclub, H2O and Republic Gardens. A lyrically crisp and over the top fun duo consists of local freestyle champ Mr. Cliff and the undeniabley slick Malik Starx in thier current pursuit of District, MD, VA, US, and world conquest. Come witness the All Stars play the game, rock out to what the buzz is about, and get it on the secret so you can Roll Wit Us. Guest appearances by Cheryl G, K-Ruckuss, and Baltimore's singing sensation: Chance.Nine:Fifteen isCOMEL_15 (of TIME MACHINE) & DJ BLAKE 9 With Blake9 on the beats, and the cuts plus Comel_15 (Time Machine) on the microphone these two are laying down some undeniable raw energy full-flavored hip-hop. Please welcome the first single for producer Blake9???s record label, IrishCarbomb Music. ???Say what??? was successful in distributing its first pressing of five hundred units. Six months later, another pressing of five hundred units and a licensing deal for ???Say What??? through UK label Puma Strut the duo realized that they might have some musical chemistry and continued to work together. Having released two 12-inch records under the name Nine:Fifteen, they continue to break the barriers of hip hop music. Also this night, hip-hop and club music by DJ TittsworthLIKE YOU BAMMAS NEED ANYMORE REASON TO COME BUT HERE'S A DRINK PASS (by JesseThomas)KRUNK IS EVERY FRIDAY @ SINGAPORE : 1134 19th St NW DCDirections including metro: http://tittsworth.com/dir$5. Only 2 blocks from metro![/b]


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