Another LA food thread (out of town guest-R)



  • 4YearGraduate4YearGraduate 2,945 Posts
    I'm in Nashville international but I will not be all up in this thread when I get a chance.

    Gary is that dude.
    And, dude, Arthur is the best ramen in la.

  • grandpa_shiggrandpa_shig 5,799 Posts
    heres that blog

    also, a friend pointed out this spot that he and i went to. well, the one we went to is the southgate location and jonathan gold reviews the elmonte location. but i can say this about the southgate one. delicious as it is, that is some real shit happening right there. so real, in fact, there is a 2 DRINK MAXIMUM[/b]. otherwise it starts getting out of hand.

  • djdazedjdaze 3,099 Posts
    If you want the best mojito in LA go to Xiomara on Melrose. They used to have one in Pasadena but it's something else now. Their chocolate souffle is unfuckwitable too. great food all around.

    Also hit up Pizzeria Mozza, Mario Batali's pizza restaurant on Highland and Melrose it's pretty damn good.

  • djdazedjdaze 3,099 Posts
    oh and Cobras and Matadors is always good for Tapas

  • mannybolonemannybolone Los Angeles, CA 15,025 Posts
    Thanks for the suggestion Shig - that Birria sounds proper but I'll probably still hit up El Parian first (unless you think that Southgate/El Monte chain is worth doing first).

    By the way, you ever hit up any of the taco stands on York Blvd? F*ck, those look proper.

  • DB_CooperDB_Cooper Manhatin' 7,823 Posts
    Arthur is the best ramen in la.

  • mannybolonemannybolone Los Angeles, CA 15,025 Posts
    I got love for Asa Ramen (aka Cafe Arthur) but 1) their hours kind of suck for anyone who doesn't live in the South Bay and 2) they hold down the #2 spot for "best ramen in LA" but personally, I don't think they're topping Santouka.

    Wifey disagrees though - she thought Asa was better but if you factor in convenience, to me, it comes up a bit short.

  • grandpa_shiggrandpa_shig 5,799 Posts
    hey mannydub, the southgate spot serves molcajetes and i dont think el parian does. to be honest, ive mainly had seafood at la barca which is excellent. but both have chunti decor and are in locations not on any tour guide. so its up to you. oh, also, both have handmade tortillas which is key.

    re: asa vs. santouka, theyre both really good. asa is stingy with the portions though, and also, my biggest factor is the pork slice. santouka wins. its like a piece of pork flavored butter.

  • mannybolonemannybolone Los Angeles, CA 15,025 Posts
    I thought Asa was decent with their portions - at least, maybe it's because I remember, getting through about 2/3rds of it, I kind of got bored by it, ha.

    Pork at Santouka = unfuckwittable.
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