EARLY recs with CLAVINETTE ???



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    Jimi Hendrix At His Best Volume 1 (Saga 72)
    Reviewed by: Motown67
    I spoke too soon when I criticized some of the budget Hendrix LPs as having primitive recordings. Jimi Hendrix At His Best tops those. According to the liner notes the five songs contained on this record were recorded at the apartment of piano player Mike Ephron in 1964-65 in New York on a reel-to-reel tape. The self-serving liner notes claim that Hendrix wanted these tapes to be released as an album just before he died. Hendrix reportedly said that the jams he did with Ephron and an unnamed Conga player were ???pure music.??? Obviously Jimi had forgotten what these tapes sounded like because I could make something this bad sounding in my bathroom all by myself. It???s really amazing that this guy Ephron could talk anyone into pressing up this record and having the gall to call it ???At His Best.???

    I was checking this one, Mike Ephron plays clavinette on these tracks, dated to the mid 60's I thought this had to be some reeeal early clavi sounds on wax,... but Mike Ephron put this early date on the recordings to avoid publishing problems, actually this was recorded in 1969....
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