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No mind-blowing, obscure finds, but I bought a bunch of records off of this woman at her family's yard sale who were taping a future episode of "Clean House" in the 90 degree heat...The Ventures "Play The Classics"Trouble Man OSTFrom The Vaults Of Duke/Peacock, Volume 2Hot Hits, volume 5 (MFP...Euro exploitation LP with covers of "Double Barrel", "Brown Sugar", etc.)Lighthouse "One Fine Morning"Carl Carlton "Everlasting Love"Nucleus "Jam On It" singleStanley Clarke S/TRay, Goodman & Brown IIThe Supremes "New Ways But Love Stays" (signed to some friend of the family from Hawaii)Patti LaBelle's autobiography, signed by Niecy's mother to her and then today signed to me by Nash herself.Her mother is a really interesting person. She was a classmate and good friend of Donny Hathaway and knew Oliver Sain. The cameras were rolling when I was talking to her, so chances are my sunburnt mug will be aired on the show in three months. Oh yeah, I also found Kon & Amir's "On Track 2" at a Goodwill, of all places.


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  • Friday, I dug some antique and thrift stores in our funky lil' town. No real luck until one of the clerks at a local antique store agreed to let me peek at his collection. Smooth eighties star. I upgraded vinyl, picked up a few guilty pleasures, and these:

    And some late arrivals from lo-cal shoppes.

    Sorry about the flash on the Fania disco babe.

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    how is that fania disco by the way....thats a comp, huh?

    any jams?

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    That Psalm 150 album is a killer!!!!!!!

    Nice scores and crazy that you (Electrode) got to be and see a part of Niecy Nash's show..

    Man..lucky..she is a beautiful woman!!!

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    An hour's riffling through charity shops yielded just this minty loungecore classic:

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    A few things I picked up recently

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    Just two:

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    how is that fania disco by the way....thats a comp, huh?

    any jams?

    It's not a comp. Fania All-Stars was like a salsa "super group" that put out a few albums. The tunes on this particular album are pretty weak overall, but "Coro Miyare" is classic.
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