Mighty Ryeders Sun Glo issues

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Theres a promo copy of the Mighty Ryeders Spread The Message doing the business on the bay at the minute . I know that the promo is the rarest and most desirable issue of this but does anyone have the run down on the other Sun Glo issues of this record? Is there an 80's reissue on Sun-Glo as well. Any knowledge dropped on how to spot the differences matrix numbers etc would be greatly appreciated.


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    My og non promo is the same in all respects except the label is yellow and blue

    Matrix numbers are SG 456 on the printed label

    In the run out grooves is etched by hand SG 456-A and SG 456-B

    Does the promo not have the horrible slow-down on Evil Vibrations?

    To my knowledge the first repress was Luv n Haight in the 90s
    Hopefully someone with more knowledge will weigh in here

    Anyways, $825 seems insane to me for that record

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    The first reissue was by sun-glo, in the 80s. The slow down was a mastering issue, iirc. It's a legit issue.

  • I think there were two "re-issues" in the late 80s/early 90s on Sun-Glo. I had the one with the pressing defect (and passed it on when the Luv'n'Haight re-issue appeared because it sounded better); a friend had the other, which had no pressing defect. Both were sealed, had yellow/blue labels but could be distinguished by slightly fuzzy cover art from re-photographing of the original.

    The story I heard was that these were actually bootlegs the band did to get some extra cash...

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    Pretty sure they weren't done by the band but by the label. You are correct that there are two reissues, but they are both from the 80s. They were brought on by the record being rediscovered in the UK, a local record dealer/collector heard this I believe from someone affiliated with Sun-Glo iirc.

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    Thanks for the info .So I can presume that the 80s Sun Glo reissues are more or less identical to the 1978 Sun Glo stock copies ? But a lot less rare.
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