Hip Hop Promo Help

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Hey all im running a weekly hip hop show on a local station here in Sydney. We play variety of stuff with everything from new indie stuff to classics. We broadcast throught sydney and stream on the web.Doing community radio dosn't exactly give you a heap of juice within the industry and due to the economic climate lots of local distributors and shops here have gone belly up which have resulted in the supply of promos dwindling somewhat. Im up on most blog sites and have my own collection to draw on, However any stutters out there who are involved in hip hop related projects, labels, webpages or know groups from their local areas who need shine holla at me on the PMs. Im always looking for new music to play. Mp3 links, Cd-rs whatever. Thanks for your help. You can check the blog for playlists. Podcasts are coming soon.2SER FM Droppin Science Blogspot
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