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did this last night. a (pretty sloppy) mix of some recent favs... not quite the usual mess of funky/breaks-orientated stuff - but all killer tunes, nonetheless. let me know what you guys think.>>> download here TRACKLIST:1. WARM DUST - "rejection" (Trend LP)2. HATFIELD & THE NORTH - "let's eat (real soon)" (Virgin 45)3. CZERWONE GITARY - "i learn to live" (Muza LP)4. MERYWEATHER & CARREY - "five days on the trail" (RCA LP)5. CHICO MAGNETIC BAND - "my sorrow" (Vogue 45)6. BULLDOG - "we had a real good time" (Buddah LP)7. FANCY - "touch me" (Antic 45)8. TROGGS - "maybe the madman" (Page One 45)9. PINK FLOYD - "lucifer sam" (EMI LP)10. TELEVISION - "little johnny jewel" (Ork 45)11. VOYAGE - "outre tombre" (Opaline 45)12. TAICONDEROGA - "speakin my mind" (Pink Elephant LP)13. DIA PROMETIDO - "hey al-lah" (Philips 45)14. DAVID FANSHAWE - "african sanctus" (Philips LP)15. CHRIS GALLBERT - "sing sing" (Decca 45)16. SUPERSISTER - "she was naked" (Polydor LP)17. IMPALA SYNDROME - "let them try" (Diresa LP)18. SWEET MARIE - "sweet pea" (Yardbird LP)19. ZE RODRIX - "o espigao" (Som Livre LP)20. QUO VADIS - "zeppelin party" (Atlantic 45)21. HONEYCOMBS - "can't get through to you" (PYE 45)22. EDEN'S CHILDREN - "knocked out" (ABC LP)23. BUBBLEGUM MACHINE - "sgt peppers lonely hearts club band" (Senate LP)24. ILLES - "a bolond lany" (Pepita LP)25. LIFE - "cat's eyes" (Philips 45)26. BIG CHERRY - "come in bonzo" (Opalo 45)27. BILL DOGGETT - "wow!" (His MAsters Voice LP)


  • dang! fell off the front page in half a day!!

    has anyone listened?

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    downloading! tracklist looks great, some stuff that ive been meaning to check out for a while.. SUPERSISTER, WARM DUST, TAICONDEROGA.. but for some reason or another havent yet. i had forgotten about that cats eyes, great little 45.

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    this is great

  • sick

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    Downloading now thanks!

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    i put 'come in bonzo' on a mix recently, that song is knockinnnnn!
    thanks for sharing, will have a listen.

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    I always dig your mixes man... just can't keep up with em! Just playing... keep em coming. DLing this one now.

    I also have that How Pink is Your Elephant comp with the Taiconderoga tracks on it... would love to get my hands on the OG 45, though.

  • yeah, decent comp that - a few other bangers on there (i had them on 45 already, though... that Jeronimo track gets alot of play out from me!)

    the Taicondorega 45 seems to pop up fairly regulary on ebay, but is always more than i'd spend on it - -especially if the sound-quality of the track on the comp is anythign to go by. muddy.

    glad you guys are enjoying it...

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    DL now..... Im always keen to hear your latest mix mate.....

  • pencilfacepencilface 674 Posts

    anyone else want this before it disappears off into SS obscurity...
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