Wants Yeah Im sick of typing these:

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Looking for any of these in Ex NM Condition on the off chance someone needs to sell Will pay top dollarInner Dimensions of Rick Mason and Rare Feelings Maso lpSolar Faith For My Mind Orig lpWee You Can Fly my Aeroplane Owl Orig lpPremonitions - St Tassi lp Long Island Joe Gallardo - Sol GCP LPE.W. Wainwright - African Roots of Jazz lpMatthew Larkin Cassell - Pieces lpNdikho Xaba and the Natives lp511 Jazz Ensemble - Hard Luck Soul lpFrancisco Aguabella - Hitting hard lpGeraldo Pino - Lets Have a Party lpNo Im not drunk!


  • I have a sealed copy of Francisco Aguabella - Hitting Hard.
    PM me with an offer

  • Ill need to see a couple of photos and Ill pay $750 USD for it.

  • ok, send me your emailaddress and I will do so tommorrow.

  • KineticKinetic 3,739 Posts
    Geeze... these low post count baullers don't muck around!

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    I've sold to this guy on ebay, he is a true baller.

    Welcome to the board man.

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    gurney has sealed rick mason...i have no idea if he is on soulstrut though...

  • Thanks for the gracious welcome parsec , in answer to davesrecords I dont know who Gurney is . Is there another way to contact him besides this website ? I appreciate any info you guys can give me.


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    Gurney is on Waxidermy. But he does post every now and then on here.

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    overpriced_artisan_butter = gurney

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    Ndikho Xaba and the Natives lp

    dang. i wants that too. bayrea right?
    this ever get reissued?

  • No to my knowledge it was never reissued a couple came up on the bay last year after a track was reissued on the Spiritual jazz compilation on Jazzman and Im interested in that Del Jones if its an original. PM me details

  • I spotted that but it doesnt grade well enough Cheers Trip

  • Geraldo Pino , Ndinko Xaba, T.I.M.E. Individual Mind Expression, Eloise Greenfield delivered.
    Thanks to everyone who emailed.

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    I also really need a copy of ndiko xaba, if anybody has one. Thanks!

  • aleitaleit 1,915 Posts
    me too.
    and i will let loose my entire LP discography of Wilbert Longmire for any avail. copy.
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