Has anyone seen Andrea Tonacci's 'Bang Bang'?

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Some time back, I found a tape of this Brazilian movie from '71. I just got around to watching it last night. It's a real odd, artsy indy film. It's shot in B&W, scenes involving mundane activities such as driving are drawn out for long periods of time and the main character who is also trying to elude an "imaginary" trio of men - a crossdresser, an overeater and an inept blind gunman - gets into heated arguments with a cab driver. The scenes fade in and out like in silent films from the early 20th century. The music is decent, too. According to its IMDB page, it pissed off censors (it wasn't sexual, aside from a tepid lovemaking scene filmed 50 feet away of a nude woman and a man who acts like a wild animal and has wolf like facial hair, nor was political or overly violent. What gives?), it has gotten positive votes and stars Paulo C??sar Per??io (I'm not familiar with him). Oh yeah, the credit font has the same one as The Invaders LP and the MAM record label that had that Jeff Sturges and Universe record. Information isn't that extensive on the film and I understand very little spoken Portuguese, so I was wondering if any of the experts on the country and language here or those are also familiar with this one could tell me more about it and explain the dialogue.

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