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All French press (except the 100% pure poison, which is the one and only OG UK one). All are NM to M record, EX to M cover.DIABOLIC MAN 7": phased cosmic jerk used by DJ HarveyCOZY POWELL 7" "and then there was skin": massive and tough funky rock breaks for 3 minutesFERRY DJIMMY 7" "Toba Walemi": monster afro funk double siderHANS DULFER LP: Great Afro/latin jazz from Holland100% PURE POISON LP: soul/funk in-demand LP, inc. "Windy City", last copy on the web left for 450 euros, and not even on this conditionCHAPEAU MELON ET BOTTES DE CUIR 7": aka The New Avengers, France-only 7" packed with weird spoken words in French from Patrick McNee, and Hanged Man style breaks.FERRY DJIMMY 7": the follow-up to the other one, more crazy guitar play and James Brown-like shout.. ultra funkyCLEMENTOPHE 7": Unknown vocal afro funk bomb backed by Super Borgou and Poly Rythmo.SKULL SNAPS LP: You know the deal on that one (: french press without gatefoldTHUNDER & LIGHTNING 7": inc. "Bumpin Bus Stop", rare french picture sleeveFUNKADELIC LP "free your mind": See SKULL SNAPSFUNKADELIC: classic psych funkTHE COUNTS: more soul/funk classicJEAN COHEN SOLAL 7" "Cyclical game": the best track from his Musiques Et Instruments Insolites LP, killer prog flute, bassline and breaksJM JARRE 7" "La Cage/erosmachine": take that shit to waxidermy, early electro holy grail, incredible away of its time techno/trip Hop-ish hypnotic electroacoustic music with crazy drums.THE MOHAWKS 7" "The Champ": classic B-boy tune on a nice french-only picture sleeve bag.Ask me if you need MP3s extracts of most of these records.PM me for trade offer or email me to [email][/email]What I need: modal/afro/funky jazz / psych / prog / libraries / soundtracks / jerk from Europ and elsewhere. No soul/funk/reggae/disco/boogie.


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