A.W.O.L. You Don't Want None of This (Detroit Hop)

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Anyone have an info on A.W.O.L. beyond that contained in this article?Here's a label shot:


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    no one? c'mon... this shit's connected to jigga beef:

    A.W.O.L. parlayed its growing popularity into a deal with Ichiban Records, a now-defunct independent label once respected for its ability to promote underground artists. A.W.O.L. would release its most popular album, Detroit 4 Life, on Bootstrap/Rock-a-fella[/b]/I.N.D.I.

    ... A.W.O.L. released an album on Freeze records in the mid-???90s. His labelmate was a struggling MC named Jay-Z. Ichiban took exception to MC Essential using the word ???A.W.O.L.??? in his name.

    ???I guess his name wasn???t protected,??? says Jones, ???so Ichiban made him take his records off the shelf. I dissed him on a song called ???Ben-Gay On My Nuts.??? Straight dissed him. Next thing I know, Jay-Z and them, almost immediately, came back with a label called Roc-a-fella. But they dropped the ???k.??? I guess they spelled it different to get back at us. Next thing I know, they???re on boats, throwing up the Roc-a-fella sign in their videos.???

  • I dissed him on a song called ???Ben-Gay On My Nuts.???


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