Okay Temiz

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I've been listening to his records a lot lately. What else is good besides these?Oriental WindTurkish Folk JazzDrummer Of Two WorldsOriental Wind: BazaarOriental Wind: Chila Chila


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    Check out Sevda. I like his playing on their first LP

    even though the overall interplay in the group isn't fully developed yet.

    I remember this as being really good, but I don't own it myself :

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    I had that Sevda LP years and years ago, but sold it. A mistake, probably. Never seen that Temiz/Dyani LP, but it looks interesting. Thanks for the tip!

  • He's on the Don Cherry Live in Ankara set. One of my favorites.

  • I saw Turkish Wind and Live In Ankara at a shop here in Istanbul yesterday. Not dumb cheap, but if someone really wants em I could prolly hook it up. Gotta PM me asap though cause I leave tomorrow (sun) evening.

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    This one's kind of essential if you're into Okey Temiz.

    Actually, I went and dug it out after reading this post and I wasn't exactly blown away, so maybe not!

    It was $$ hype some years back, I remember playing it out to great response as well, just not feeling it now. I thought it was really interesting and different when I first heard it...any other opinions on this one?
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