RIP Patrick McGoohan (No. 6 related)

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(Newser) ??? Emmy Award-winning actor Patrick McGoohan, who starred in 1960s TV shows The Prisoner and Secret Agent, has died, the Los Angeles Times reports. The veteran British character actor, who appeared in Braveheart as the villainous, scene-stealing King Edward Longshanks, was 80. In its 17-episode run, The Prisoner, which McGoohan created, became an influential cult classic.Portraying a former spy stripped of his identity and known simply as "No. 6," McGoohan carried The Prisoner, which has held up so well that AMC is in the process of producing a remake. The Times once called the British import an "espionage tale as crafted by Kafka." In 2000, McGoohan reprised the role ... on an episode of The Simpsons.


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    the only DVDs I own.

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    Damn. He was great in The Prisoner. I wanted to go as Number 6 for Halloween last year, but I figured making the costume would be impossible for a man of my nonexistent sewing skills.

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    I was given a choice, and went with apartment #6...

    it has big windows and is on the ground floor for bike access etc, but still.

    Dude's running style was superior. His appearances on Columbo were top-notch. The way he stuck with The Prisoner and blew minds with it was pure as fucc.


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    Damn ... RIP!

    The Prisoner would probably get my vote for TV series.

    And Danger Man/Secret Agent, while not nearly as ground breaking as The Prisoner, was some damned fine television as well.

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    or you can watch them for free at the same link you posted. I'm still sitting on my ancient collection of VHS tapes of the series.

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    Damn. Very sad news. The Prisoner is by far the best television show of all time. I started watching The Prisoner on late night PBS when I was a little kid. I'm going to watch Prisoner DVDs all night tonight.

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    or you can watch them for free at the same link you posted. I'm still sitting on my ancient collection of VHS tapes of the series.

    yes--that was me talking after realizing they're all on the web for free, legally...

    the local worldfamous videostore had them on VHS; requiring big deposits for rental...I went through the series a couple times pre-Bay--five bucks a pop and they were still worth it...then, they were available in US and A on dvd and I was stoked...

    wait, where were we? OH YES INTERNET

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    R.I.P. Number 6. Be Seeing you!

  • Damn, damn, damn......

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    Really sorry to hear this. One of my favourite small screen actors of all time - man took intensity to a whole new level.


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    R.I.P. Number 6. Be Seeing you!

    All you No. 6 fans need to cop this before it runs $200 on Amazon,etc.

    Great movie, and a lot of fun to watch with kids. I used to love this when it aired on Disney on their Sunday night show back in the 70s. An underrated McGoohan performance, and little seen since the 70s.

    Also great as Dr. Paul Ruth, in Cronenberg's Scanners

    RIP Danger Man!

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    Damn, Rest in Peace. Dude had the ice grill of ice grills.

    If I had the time, I would rewatch all the Prisoner episodes. Well, time alone from my wife, who would never cosign on watching them with me.

    I saw them originally, probably like many American kids, on PBS. They aired so late on Sunday night that I often had to fight to stay awake and watch them. It was my favorite shit, but there are large gaps in my memory of the final episode. Whether that is because it was so long ago or I had fallen asleep for short periods, I don't know. A little of both, I think.

    I didn't even know about Secret Agent or Danger Man. Time to hit the internets.

    And I was giving thought to having my wife (who is mad handy with a needle and thread) help me make a Doctor Who costume for next Halloween. I might have to bite whoever posted above and go for Number 6.

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    You may have blocked it out LOL

    the ending of the series had people up in arms... final two episodes pretty confusing and a seemingly rapid departure from the first fifteen...I guess audiences were angry, and dude just sat back, hermitted, and let them marinate on it.

    That's the way to do it, in my book... He didn't waver from his vision or dumb it down at all; stayed tru 2 da game etc

    commendable, especially in television (of any era)

    looking for this Dr Syn right now, thanks!

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    Has anyone ever seen the movie he did called "All Night Long"?
    A jazz retelling of shakespear (king lear?).
    I dont think its been released on DVD, but its a pretty good movie.
    Chalres Mingus in a few scenes.

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    Wow. When I was in high school a PBS station from San Jose played the Prisoner series for a couple years and I watched them over and over. What a great series he was in.

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    All you No. 6 fans need to cop this before it runs $200 on Amazon,etc.

    That's ridiculous. Released 2 months ago, sold out everywhere, and it's doubled in price.
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