Hot Box (shipping records rel.)

Agent45Agent45 451 Posts
edited January 2009 in Strut Central have first hand experience with these boxes for shipping LPs? Good? Bad?


  • hcrinkhcrink 8,729 Posts
    If they are exactly 12" you might have problems.

  • Check these guys out...

    They're a local Indianapolis company, but they have the best prices I've seen.

  • ReynaldoReynaldo 6,054 Posts
    Yeah, records are roughly 12.5" x 12.5"

  • canonicalcanonical 2,100 Posts
    If you're looking for large boxes to store records get the U-Haul Small Box. Fits records perfectly.

  • I get the 13x13x13 boxes from uline for storing records in. Those are fine size-wise and they're cheap. I've never shipped a big box of records though. I would think you would want to have a box within a slightly larger box with some peanuts or bubble wrap between the two, unless you're just shipping chud.
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