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I don't want to stare at any more OG Arthur Verrocai's Let's start over, I'll go first:Thanks to Good Records, Frank, and Lazer for some of these.


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    Loc: thread killer

    I guess so!

  • troublemantroubleman 1,928 Posts
    Loc: thread killer

    I guess so!

    I'm only one in training. The true thread killers are Frank, Karlophone, Maru, Mylatency, etc. Who am I missing? We should have a best of "best of finds" thread.

  • My first finds os 2009!
    Found a clean copy of Agape at Goodwill!

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    ^^Nice, I love the version of "Movin On" on that Disco & Soul Dances LP. You're Goodwill haul looks better than my record fair digs!

    My measly finds from the KUSF rockin swap, but it was nice seeing some folks I had a chance to catch up with lately.

    The Gordon's War and Electric Mud were both nabbed at a local thrift. Also, most importantly, the carpet in the background was the illest come-up by far last week. No more nasty stained carpet from the 80s!
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