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In general, when discussing records, I resent the inevitable pressure to reduce albums to "good" or "bad" or whether I like(d) them or not. Sometimes it's pretty easy to do- and I probably do it as much as anyone- but other times it's damn near impossible. It's so much more meaningful to simply take in what works or doesn't work on the record's own terms, or just be happy that someone contributed more music to the world. Some records are admirably challenging but not enjoyable per se. Others depend on a very specific context to connect to the listener. Then there are records that contain three or four of your favorite songs ever recorded, but are simply not cohesive enough as albums to hang with the greats when played from start to finish. There are, in short, many levels on which albums can be appreciated or critiqued at the same time that sometimes it's best to simply throw out the conventional ratings systems altogether and just remain undecided.b, 21b, 21In that spirit, here are three records from my collection that I keep returning to, but remain undecided/inarticulate about. Add on!b, 21b, 21img src=""1b, 21b, 21David Forman - S/T/i1b, 21b, 21img src=""1b, 21b, 21Scott Walker - [i]Fire Escape In The Sky: The Godlike Genius of Scott Walker/i1b, 21b, 21img src=""1b, 21b, 21Joni Mitchell - [i]For The Roses
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