Terry Callier tonite....

meikel_neitmeikel_neit 110 Posts
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anyone seen Terry Callier perform recently? ??? ???haven't had time to check his new stuff out yet, but girlfriend got tix for his show tonite in town. it's open air, so fingers are crossed that it doesn't rain, heaven is greyish all day


  • djsheepdjsheep 3,640 Posts
    I saw him at the Blue Note around Christmas time... it was dope... the only thing that baffled me was that he didn't do "Dancing Girl"... could have swore he was waiting to do it as an encore but he did some other slosh off his new album instead...

    great performer!


  • groove70sgroove70s 168 Posts
    saw him about one month ago - also open-air and it was great again.
    enjoying him every time - he mostly played songs from his (great) last album that reminds me a lot fo his Cadet years.
    But also classic like "Dancing Girl", "What color is love" & "Ordinary Joe".
    He was touring with his UK-Band.

    I'm sure you're gonna enjoy it.

  • yezz, thats gonna be nice...and mebbe he will play the f++kin clouds away
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