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since girlfriend and me are going to visit berlin next week and cos she's kinda busy working there I'd love to do some shopping is there any places that are essential to hit? not looking for your ubarraersecretsquirrel-spots, just some places with decent records and decent prices. and I'm sure there's lotsa fleas at the weekend, which ones are worthy checking out? so, if anyone feels like sharing some knowledge, showing me around or whatever, feel free to hit my pm.chris


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    pedro's plattenladen should be wirth a visit. There was a TV documentary about Pedro this year. Dude published a book about collecting and offers about 500,000 LPs and singles at his store.

    if you are looking for hip hop, make sure to hit Hip Hop Vinyl. I checked out four record stores in Berlin that claimed they sell 2nd Hand Jazz and Soul, but non of them really did. Bad selection of reissues and House. There'e a Reggae specialist that had just moved when I was trying to go there. No idea where it's at now. Called Leroy's Dub Store???

    I like Soultrade as well. Some Jazzanova dudes used to work there. The employees mihght give you further hints. Hard to get around in Berlin. The Yellow Pages are not up to date.

  • I have been to Berlin 5-6 times during the last 2 years or so. Never bought that many records - mainly because I didn't look that hard... Pedro's is okay but there's so many records in his tiny shop that they're difficult to get to. I bought one record there.

    There's one reggaeshop in Kreutzberg but I don't remember the address. Maybe it's the one that the Great Grope is referring to.

    Around the area of Prenzlauer Berg there's quite a few recordshops. I found them just by walking around. I don't know any adresses. Again sorry...

    Regarding the fleamarkets there's one around Mauer Park (spelling) every weekend I think but I didn't find anything even though there were lots of records. There's also another spot in town with a fleamarket that I know of. I can't remember the name but it's right next to U-Bahn station ( - maybe Tiergarten???)

    Sorry about my bad memory.

    Enjoy your time in Berlin!


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    thre's a gang of flea markets on the weekends. check those out. i found a few polish rock things.
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