Norman Whitfield Request (NRR)

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I got this magazine asking me to cover Norman's death and impact on Motown. I'm pretty much done but I still need a couple of things that only strutters can help me out with. The first thing is some hi-def jpeg or scans from the Man. Old or new, whatever it is, i take it, as long as it's hi-def. It is for illustration purpose. The second thing i'm craving for is some "crunchy" anecdotes. I got a lot of things covered already (his childhood, the pool addiction, the arrival in Detroit, his first gigs, The Velvelettes and the Marvelettes, the departure of Ruffin and Kendricks, etc...) but I would like some real-life story to add up. Something like a beef with Berry, or with another artist. A anecdote about a record that wasn't supposed to come out (forget all the Grapevine saga). It can be something positive (no need for beef). I take anything. I will credit the source and mention the site of course.b, 21b, 21PEACE


  • When he produced MPG for Marvin Gaye,Whitfield badgered Marvin into singing in a different range and w/ more "force".b, 21b, 21the full story should be in the Divided Soul book.

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    Thanks for the tip...I'm gonna check it out.
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