New podcast/new column from me

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For those who don't know, I have a weekly music podcast called "Book's Music", and up to episode #93. Next week I'll be doing a special Zang Tuum Tumb tribute podcast, in honor of the 25th anniversary box set that's coming out next week Monday. Until then, this week's podcast is just as fresh, you can listen by going here:b, 21, 21b, 21The new edition of "The Run-Off Groove" is up and running. This is my weekly column, #22 in the series, and I did an interview with Raj, the man behind the beats and productions of the group Dumhi. He's about to branch out with more of his own work and other projects, and I hope you'll all give him a shot and take a listen. Here's the link to the column:b, 21, 21b, 21b, 21As you can also see, my website is up and running so make it an effort to send me anything of interest. By the end of the year, my 22nd album as Crut will be finished, and currently it has a confirmed collaboration with PDX MC Braille, in a track we did called "I Feel". I'm still hard at work on a few other collabs, so stay tuned for all of this. Hopefully one day, some Noodle Shop magic will happen.
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