[Tor, Can] Nov. 1 Freak the Funky Out w/ Z-Trip

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b,121b,121www.destiny-productions.com & www.makeitfunky.ca present:b,121b,121FREAK the funk OUT!/b1b,121Saturday, November 1st, 2008b,121Sound Academyb,121www.FREAKthefunkOUT.cab,121b,121Make it Funky and Destiny come together to deliver a 19+ Masquerade Party that you just won't want to miss. In a massive 3 room event that features the top tier DJ talent you expect from Toronto's top promoters.b,121b,121b,121And this is FREAK THE FUNK OUT!b,121b,121ON HALLOWEEN - THIS IS ALWAYS THE BIG ONE! /b1b,121b,121b,121b,121EVENT FEATURES:b,121* - One of the world???s best and loudest soundsystems bringing you over 100 000 watts of digital sound!b,121* - 100% 19+ environment with no area separations, all bars fully stocked and serving. (Bottle service available).b,121* - The ultimate party environment with our most freaky & funky Halloween decor to dateb,121* - The incredible Destiny Light, Video & Laser show you have come to expect!b,121* - FREAK the funk OUT Best Costume Contest: Win CASH and guestlist to all Destiny & Make It Funky events for a full year!b,121* - Three separate rooms of pounding bass showcasing all styles of electronic music including Drum and Bass, Trance, Jungle, House, Breaks & Techno!b,121* - Heated outdoor smoking and chill areas!b,121* - The 'oldskool Destiny & Make It Funky party vibe' that can't be felt anywhere else!b,121b,121DESTINY JUNGLE / DRUM & BASS FREAKOUT ARENA:/b1b,121b,121b,121b,121GROOVERIDER/b1 ??? (UK ??? Formation) 1st North American appearance since the eveil lockdown!b,121TC/b1 ??? (UK ??? Dub Recordings) Hottest breakthrough produced returning to T.O. on world tourb,121LEMON D /b1 ??? (UK ??? Valve Recordings) DnB pioneer and patent holder of the "Valve Sound"b,121Mystical Influenceb,121Marcus Visionaryb,121Lushb,121Everfreshb,121Crash *Birthday Jam*b,121b,121::MCs::b,121Caddy Cadb,121MC JDb,121MC Trajadyb,121b,121b,121MAKE IT FUNKY MASHUP, BREAKS, FUNK AND PARTY VIBES:/b1b,121b,121b,121b,121DJ Z-TRIP /b1 ??? (USA ??? Universal, djztrip.com) The biggest DJ of our time and party rockin b,121king leaving no genre untouchedb,121b,121Recent Email from Z-Trip:b,121b,121"I recently finished an Obama mix and I've made it available for download, for everyone, for free... Please give it a listen and pass it along to those you think should also hear it.b,121b,121You can click on the link below and it will take you to the page where you can download it.b,121b,121www.djztrip.com/obamab,121b,121Again, please feel free to share this link (and the music) with anybody you feel needs to hear it.b,121b,121I think this election is way too important to just be silent, so I am trying to do my part here."b,121b,121b,121b,121DEEKLINE & WIZARD *LIVE*/b1 (UK ??? Rat Records, Bounce!, Botchit) The kings of booty funk beats...live!b,121Big League Chub,121Tasc & D-Monicb,121Farbsie vs Mickey D featuring Sunpredictableb,121b,121b,121:TERRIFYING TRANCE, HAUNTED HOUSE & FREAKY TECHNO:/b1b,121b,121b,121b,121JELO/b1 ??? (Canada ??? bugeyeedrecords, djjelo.com) 3 Hour set on 3 Decks + Abelton LIVE!b,121OS/2b,121TightKnit DJs: Justin Tyce, Fawn B.C., Eklectik Dyslexik & Tomi Le Filthb,121NuErab,121Walter Rosatib,121b,121VENUE : SOUND ACADEMY, 11 Polson St, Downtown Torontob,121Doors: 10PM ??? 5 AMb,121MUST BE 19+ WITH VALID I.D./b1b,121This location will create the ultimate Halloween environment, complete with the most advanced installation of Sound, Lighting and Visuals you have come to expect from Destiny & Make It Funky.b,121b,121b,121TICKET PRICES:/b1b,121$25 Super Early Bird (First 200 Tickets @ Numb, Play De Record)b,121$30 Early Bird (While supplies last)b,121$35 Last Minute Tickets (While supplies last)b,121More @ Door???b,121b,121* VIP * TICKETS: $66 (limited available!)b,121Includes express VIP entry to party, vip laminate/lanyard, access to private artist VIP balcony looking over the entire main room!b,121b,121BOTTLE SERVICE RESERVATIONS:b,121For bottle service table reservations, please email [email]vip2008@wemf.com[/email]b,121b,121DESTINY events are never oversold! Advance tickets for last year's event completely sold out! Avoid disappointment - purchase your tickets in advance! Arrive extra early if paying at the door.b,121ONLY purchase tickets from the official outlets listed on this flyer. We will be scanning all tickets for fakes and will not honor counterfeit tickets in anyway!b,121b,121b,121TICKET OUTLETS:/b1b,121b,121CANADA/USAb,121All TICKETMASTER locations across Canada & USA. Charge by phone @ 416.870.8000 or online at www.ticketmaster.ca or www.ticketmaster.comb,121b,121ONLINE only retailers:b,121www.ticketweb.com - CANb,121www.Groovetickets.com - USAb,121b,121TORONTOb,121* Numb ??? 250 Queen St W ??? 416.599.5424b,121* Play De Record ??? 357a Yonge St ??? 416.586.0380b,121* Rotate This ??? 620 Queen St W ??? 416.504.8447b,121* Soundscapes ??? 572 College St ??? 416.537.1620b,121* Shanti Baba ??? 546 Queen St W ??? 416.504.5034b,121* Slinky Music (Moog Audio) ??? 422 Queen St W ??? 416.603.2300b,121NORTH YORKb,121* Zoam ??? 2503 Yonge St ??? 416.491.0151b,121* Sonic Temple ??? 5165 Yonge St ??? 416.835.0035b,121MISSISSAUGAb,121* Unicus ??? Square One ??? 905.897.6900b,121ORANGEVILLEb,121* The Altered Native ??? 172 Broadway Ave, Unit 1 ??? 519-9422828b,121OAKVILLEb,121* Hustler ??? 111 Kerr St ??? 905.844.1688b,121HAMILTONb,121* Dr. Disc ??? 20 Wilson St ??? 905.523.1010b,121ST CATHARINESb,121* Mixed Styles ??? 213 St.Paul St ??? 905.984.4442b,121* Sunrise - Pen Center -905.682.4355b,121COLLINGWOODb,121* The Altered Native ??? 168 Hurontario St Unit A ??? 705-445-0228b,121GEORGETOWNb,121* The Altered Native ??? 134 Guelph St Unit 1 ??? 905-877-7884b,121KITCHENERb,121* Shakedown ??? 109 King St. W ??? 519.570.0440b,121LONDONb,121* From Mars ??? 347 Talbot Street ??? 519.438.6277b,121* Grooves - 353 Clarence Street - 519.640.6714b,121b,121FREAKthefunkOUT BEST COSTUME CONTEST:/b1b,121Win Cash & Guestlist to everything Destiny & Make It Funky for an entire year! Arrive early if you plan on entering the contest! Costume categories and contest details available online @ www.freakthefunkout.cab,121b,121b,121NEED TO BUY OR RENT A COSTUME? /b1We have arranged for special 'destiny discounts' at:b,121Amazing Party & Costume Supply - 923 Oxford St., Etobicoke - 416.259.5959b,121b,121
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