Modern / Crossover 45s Wanted!!!

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hi, here I go...b,121b,121MY WANTS:b,121b,121b,121THE EXITS - YOU GOT TO HAVE MONEY - GEMINIb,121b,121ROY REDMOND - AIN'T THAT TERRIBLE - LOMAb,121b,121MOSES SMITH - KEEP ON STRIVING / COME ON LET ME LOVE YOU - COTILLION (issue)b,121b,121BOTTOM AND CO - GONNA FIND A TRUE LOVE - MOTOWN b,121b,121BILEO - YOU CAN WIN - WATTS CITY b,121b,121WE THE PEOPLE ??? MAKING MY DAYDREAM REAL ??? LION b,121b,121BILL HARRIS - AM I HOT, AM I COLD - RCAb,121b,121BOBBY SHANNON - I GET MY GROOVE FROM YOU / YOU'RE AN UPLIFT - TOMARb,121b,121DOUGLAS & LONERO - DON???T LET YOURSELF GET CARRIED AWAY - RCAb,121b,121DAVID PEOPLES - GOT TO GET MY BROOM OUT - SARUb,121b,121AL ???THE MAN??? MUNTZIE - DIE HAPPY - S. B. MOONb,121b,121SANDY'S GANG - HUNGRY - SUNRISEb,121b,121LUTHER - DON'T WANNA BE A FOOL - COTILLIONb,121b,121SAM BUTLER - I CAN'T GET OVER (LOVING YOU) - SRIb,121b,121GREAT LAKES ORCHESTRA FEAT. LOU RAGLAND - DIDN'T I TELL YOU ??? GREAT LAKES REC.b,121b,121b,121b,121only bargains accepted lolb,121b,121b,121pls pm me to a href=""1soul@rare-rillen.deb,121b,121b,121much appreciated. cheers, Matt Foxb,121b,121b,121a href="" target="_blank"1 (radio shows, podcasts and more)b,121b,121b,121
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