FINDS THREAD - 10/10/08

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couldnt see a recent finds thread, so i thought i'd start a shiny new one...b,121b,121a few local things and a few bits the record fair:b,121img src=""1b,121AESOPS FABLES - havent listened yet but bought on the strength of the track "and when it's over" - horn rock!!b,121SWEEET SWEEETBACK'S BADASS SONG - enjoying this much more than i thought. a really fun listen, some funky bits, fun vocals and a lovely soul jazz song.b,121JIMI HENDRIX - stone classicb,121ROGER WHITAKER - probably the best album ive heard by him -- some fun stomping songs and the bongo and whistle frenzy "festival"b,121"SQUARE ROOT OF ZERO" OST - great cover and lots of talk of 'beats' and jazz on the back... but alas it's just orchestral guffb,121 -- havent listened to the rest yetb,121b,121the 7's:b,121GOOGIE RENE COMBO - "smokey joe's la la" (first heard JamesF play this ... masive stomping soul jazz thing. great)b,121IRON CROSS - "little bit o' soul" (another massive stomper! glammy)b,121THE ASSOCIATION - "windy" (pretty fun for 25p)b,121FOGHAT - "slowride" (man i love this song!! killer bass line in the bridge)b,121RUSH - "tom sawyer" (man, ive bought a bunch of cheesy rubbish lately)b,121LOS DIABLOS - "una manana" (spanish beat)b,121HOLLY GOLIGHTLY and the brokeoffs (her new single - i quite like the b-side)b,121MADLIB - "go" (new single from his massivley dissapointing 'wlib' LP - quite like the b-side)b,121FAME & PRICE - "sgt jobsworth" (im a big georgie fame fan - -but the stuff with alan price is naff from what ive heard .. .this one is alright though, slow groovy rock with nice drums)b,121b,121 plus some spares of:b,121SHADOWS - "rhythm & greens" (their most fun play out tune?)b,121COZY POWELL - "and then there was skin"b,121TOM JONES - "untrue" (awesome version of this floor filler)


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