Recording to my laptop: analog digital conversion

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What analog to digital coverters are folks using these days? I'm looking at something like this:b,121b,121a href="" target="_blank"1,121b,121Is there anything better? I need an RCA stereo in and a USB out. b,121b,121Thanks for your help!


  • Ive been using one of these on my laptop for 4 years. Havent had a problem and the 24 bit sound is great. No RCA in, but I just use a RCA to 1/8th inch stereo cord. Plus it is tiny, wont take up any room.b,121b,121a href="" target="_blank"1,121b,121(shop around, this list price is a tad high on this can get them for about $70.)

  • Danno3000Danno3000 2,846 Posts
    That looks pretty sweet. Is there any significant loss in using an RCA to 1/8 inch cord instead of just a regular 1/8 inch cord? That's really the only potential problem I could think of with that device.

  • I dont know, Ive only ever used the "rec out" of my turntable mixer to go into the device, so Ive only ever had an opportunity to use RCA to 1/8...I think the sound is really good and Ive had people comment about great fidelity when they listen to my CD rips of records.
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